Love sings
3 Chapter 3: Swapping Worlds
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Love sings
Author :Asher2000
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3 Chapter 3: Swapping Worlds

I sat against the wall of the plane, my eyes searching for signs of incoming storms. Okay, Rosebella. It's not like the plane would suddenly fall from the skies..... right? I felt my face turn green. No way. It can't happen twice.... right? I shook my head as my nails dug into the seat. My teeth bitting down on my lips. I'm being cruel to myself! I closed my eyes and gradually relaxed. I'll be fine. I need to learn to relax. I slowly nodded of to sleep.

{{Third person view.}}

A girl with a box sat close to the wall. Her face held no sense of worry, only peace. Just as the peaceful aura engulfed those around her. She dispersed and eventually everyone who had thought to have seen, or known her had forgotten who she was in an instant. Her soul and body floated through a colourful array of words and numbers which flashed by too quickly for even the fastest of cameras or machines to comprehend. If she were to wake up the girl would have lost everything which she knew and understood as she'd be focused on what was happening around her. The numbers would slowly erase her soul while the words would erase her body. As simple as that might sound its much much more complex than one could describe. She gently landed on the ground of a room which appears to be a fitting room with a mirror at it's center. A women in complete bright pink attire stood next to the mirror a smile playing on her angel like face.

"Rosebella?" She says her voice like silk but loud enough to wake a snoring dragon. The girl sat up so suddenly that her hair flew around her as if she were in a hurricane. She looked around dazed. The lady in pink smiled ever so slightly.

"I am to others the System. Or you could just call me Arry. I'll help you pick your class, race and what you want to wear this is of course all for free, consider this as a gift. From me." The lady says snapping Rosebella's attention back to her.

"System?" She mutters clearly confused.

"I'm like a RPG if you will. A gaming system. Though this isn't a game and you do not have multiple lives. Unlike others thanks to a certain item you're able to see and communicate with me. Which means you are basically a kind of cheat. " Arry explained smiling.

" But how?" Rosebella asks.

" You swapped world's. Don't worry about the past, worry more about the present and future. You have only one chance to pick a class and race which you want to set of with. You can also customize your appearance. Again, cheat like, no?" Arry asks. As a list appeared in front of Rosebella.

{{Rosebellla's POV}}

A list of sorts floated in front of me as I struggled to gather myself up from the words the 'System',Arry had used.


Human:Infinite change.

Beast: Wolf, fox, rabbit, orge, ect.

Elf:Saint or Arch

Demon: Fire,ice,water,earth and soul

Angel: Elemental priest,ect.


Once chosen can not revert back,ever.


Well I'm no gaming expert,but if this world is like Arry said then,this is definitely cheating since others have no choice in what they are since their born that way. Mhmm,maybe....but what if I stand out? I shook my head and clicked on something that seems reasonable.

"Amazing choice. Now this person would be able to replace you in your world since this person is almost exactly like you. "Arry suddenly says from right behind me scaring the wits out if me, I fell forward and sat up with a straight back like a child caught not listening in class. She laughed lightly and shook her head.

"Next is class, I recommend the same class as the race you chose since it'll be an explosive combination. Plus you'll get a bonus with it." Arry says as another list appeared in front of me.

Battle Preference/Class:

1. Swordsman

2. Archer

3. Healer

4. Mage

5. Tank

6. Excorcist

7. Nephilim


? Okay...My finger lightly brushed against the class I want and suddenly Arry shouted in excitement startling me once more. Does she want to give me an heart attack?

She grinned wickedly at me and winked. She read my mind didn't she?

"Alright now change your appearance,I don't mean to be rude but you will need this change. You'll see." She says and clapped her hands I rose to my feet as a kind of an appearance customizing list appeared.

I paled my skin but made sure it looked like a healthy pale. Um,I don't want to change my precious brown hair colour! I looked at Arry hoping she'd tell me it's fine,but she smiled apologetically and shook her head. Aw,come on?! Fine. I toned my hair down to a snowy white then I added lighter shades of blue that seemed to fold into my hair,I smiled okay I can live with this. Mhmm,eye colour? Blue it is. I adjusted my eye colour until it reached a stage of blue'ish white with hints of gold,well you won't see it unless you push your face into mine.

"Am I done?" I ask,I know stupid question but I'm unsure if I need to choose clothes as well. Arry smiled.

"You are done,Rosebella. Now let's meet your counter part so that you could swap world's." She says as everything slowly dispersed around us. Why am I fine with this? I shook my head. Rion knows that my counter part won't be me,after all this pendent is his present and it feels warmer than it did so it's either that this is just cause of the temperature,but it isn't even warm enough to heat me up so that's not it. Or a coincidence. No way,I'm guessing this is Rions way of giving me freedom,or at least a chance to relax,but if that's true why send me to a game like world which may or may not contain monsters. Sure I'd love to fight against them,but is it relaxing? Mhmm,maybe in his sense it's relaxing. I shrug as the world around me turned into a room where a girl that looks vaguely like myself laid on the ground. Her breathing hard,the floor mattered in blood,grime and gibberish. I narrowed my eyes as I scanned the room. There are no windows. No source of light, though there is....just barely. A man stood behind her with a knife and whip. Oh,no.
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Arry's expression crumbled to dust with a nasty look of hatred plastered on her face as she glares at the man, who doesn't even notice that we are there. Arry was about to step forward when I suddenly stopped her.

"She'll take my place in my world right?" I ask her. She nods. "Can she share my memories?" I ask again. Arry frowned but nodded.

"Okay,then allow me to speak to her spiritually then let us swap world's." I suggest.

" Go ahead." Arry sighs. I nodded and bent down sitting on my ankle.

[Rosabelle~Lvl 5.]

Same name.

"Rosabelle?" I muttered making my voice soft and my expression. The girls body shook slightly but she kept her head down. "Lift your head and meet my eyes." I ordered softly she slowly obeyed once she saw me she froze. "I'm from another world. We'll be swapping places in a few moments and I'll leave my memories to you,please do the same for me as I'll need them. Once we swap places find a man for me and then return home not here you'll know what I mean when you receive

my memories." I say and held my hand out to her,but she shook her head.

" Y... you'll suffer." She stuttered. I grinned.

"I won't,but they will. Let me take revenge for what has been done to you to your family and to anybody else these shameless people have harmed. Let me take over,I'll make sure no one forgets that by messing with us,they'd get what they deserve." I say, normally I'd never ever want to harm anyone but....this girl. What if it happens to others or has happened to others? I can't watch as people torture the innocent and expect to be rewarded with peace. She looked me in the eyes tears streaming down her face she gently placed her hand in mine and I pulled her towards myself hugging her body to my own.

"I hope your life looks up from here on out. Enjoy." I whisper as our souls intertwined and our bodies switched places. Her memories flooded my mind and so did her pain as I laid in the same position as she did,crap her body feels like lead!?


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