Love sings
4 Chapter 4: Light in the dark
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Love sings
Author :Asher2000
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4 Chapter 4: Light in the dark

The man behind me suddenly took a hold of my neck and dragged me out of the room. I quickly accessed the other me's memories and flinched. This man used to be her friend his name is Yuki. I wanna rip his throat out for what he has done!! No person deserves such treatment, well except those who does it to others. Maybe I'll torture the guy till he's nothing but bones. If one were to look at my face now they'd see a evil grin playing on my lips. But first I gotta get out and get stronger than I can come back and save everybody else than.... I'll have my fun. What's happing to me?! Never mind I'll figure it out later. He threw me and like a rag doll my body laid in an awkward position which made everything pain. Her bones might be broken. *Cough

My bones. I gathered myself slightly but kept my head low.

"What the hell,we came here for an alliance not to watch as you throw your members around!",I heard an angry women shout.

" Oh? We don't want an alliance with your guild,we want to stay enemies. And this little rat just happens to be of no use to us any more so we're finishing her off today. You're of course welcome to watch." I heard Yuki say sounding smug. My fingers dug into the muddy Earth as anger washed through my bones.

'Arry? ' I thought.

'Don't worry, their your light in the dark you'll see.' She answered in my mind. Then how come I had to take my counter parts place?

'Because she can't survive what's about to happen.' Arry answered, making me narrow my eyes, this is gonna hurt isn't it?

" No! Let us have her!" The women shouted fear clear in her voice.

" Sure, you can have her if she survive's fifty hits from my whip." Yuki says laughing like a maniac.

" Make it 30!" A man's voice shouted out.

" 47,no more no less or.... " I heard a slight click that sounded like a guns, a shiver ran down my spine, "I'll kill her, right now." Yuki says still sounding smug with a hint of anger.
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"Okay, okay!" The women easily agreed. My body crumbled to the floor as I gritted my teeth to keep myself from screaming, the whip tore through my shirt, it dug into my flesh and ripped it apart. I balled my hands into fists as my nails dug into my palms trying to distract myself from the pain. The whip landed on my back and dug my skin out in a cross like way, then to the side. It repeated itself over and over as my body began to give way, I closed my eyes only 30 to go. That doesn't help at all. Rion if I find your counter part here I'm gonna give him a serious interrogation!

The sound of sniffling made me open my eyes as I looked up for the first time I saw several people standing behind a barrier, a women with green hair was crying and when our eyes met I knew she didn't like watching others get hurt. I rearranged my schedule instantly, I'll repay her kindness first. I smiled softly at her, trying to hide my pain. Her eyes widen just as another slash carved through my back I looked down and bit my lower lip. How long do I have to endure this for? I took a glance at my Health point bar and made a face. How come my HP's at 50%,when it's already past the half point mark in the whip endurance game? Ah well I'm not complaining. Rosabelle's endurance must really be high. Probably due to these people. I'll reward them for this later on. My body finally caved in and I fell limply to the floor, yet.... they kept on hitting me.... over and over again. At least I'm in a semi conscious state, so I know what's happening and can count the slashes I receive.

40.... 41.... 42.... 43.... 44... 45... 46.... 47.almost.... 48.... 49. The whip didn't come again as I heard retreating steps I knew that Yuki had kept to his words. Cold descendents on me but it felt kinda nice. I hope that these people are good ones but if the system trusts them then so shall I.


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