Love sings
5 Chapter 5:Bonus of Race
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Love sings
Author :Asher2000
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5 Chapter 5:Bonus of Race

The heat of the morning sun stirred me awake as I rolled over and pulled the covers of my blankets up trying to find peace from the sun. A light giggle made me aware of another's presence. I sat up and looked around smiling when I found Arry sitting next to me.

"Good morning sleepy head, how are you feeling?" She asks.

" Amazingly, I feel fine. My back isn't in the slightest bit of pain and I feel energized." I answer honestly. She grinned mischievously and reached out holding my hair out, my eyes widen as they were no longer brown or dirty. I reached out and played with my white and soft blue silky hair.

"You are healed because you chose to change your appearance. Now take a look at your status window. " Arry says grinning. I shrugged my shoulders and pulled my status window up. My eyes widen.


([Rosabelle~Nephilim||Lvl 6]

Class Nephilim.









[Unassigned Points: 126]

[Balance:0 USD]

Skill's: Nephilim

Elemental Control, elemental summoning, Flight, battle cry, Song of the elements.

Bonus of Class:Nephilim

Points 126. Able to use elemental control and summoning without the use of Mana.)

Isn't this cheating?

"Um,Arry, this is way to much for a bonus." I say uncomfortably.

"It's only because you chose the same class as your race, plus the elemental control and summoning is kind of weak, now the song of elements... that's another story altogether it's very strong and can really deal a whole lot of damage." Arry says grinning.

" And how come I leveled up?" I ask.

" Because you ate spiritual food that contains Mana and it leveled you up. Cool right now distribute those points please." Arry says. Fine. Alright I'll distribute 21 points into everything.

"Just like that, evenly? Not even gonna make it uneven to make something stand out?" Arry asks looking confused.

" Mhmm, if I find a way that seems appropriate then I'll distribute it that way, but for now I'll do it this way." I say taking another peak at my status.

([Rosabelle~Nephilim||Lvl 6]

Class Nephilim.









[Unassigned Points: 0]

[Balance:0 USD]

Skill's: Nephilim

Elemental Control, elemental summoning, Flight, battle cry, Song of the elements.

Bonus of Class:Nephilim

Points 126. Able to use elemental control and summoning without the use of Mana.)

The door opened and I looked up realizing for the first time that I'm in a very luxurious room. The women with the green hair from the other day stood at the foot of my bed smiling from ear to ear.

"I'm so happy that you're okay! My name is Emelia, I'm a healer. What's your name?" She asks and sits down on the bed. I smiled brightly.

"Hello, Emelia, my name is Rosabelle,you can just call me Rose or Ro,if you want to." I say.

"Ah, right hello, Rose. How is your back doing? If it hurts tell me and I'll heal it instantly." She says looking determined.

" Its fine, there isn't any pain at this moment. May I know where we are, Emelia?" I ask.

" Of course! We're in the inner members house on mount Jia Chou. This is the guild territory of my guild our name is... " She was cut off as a women in uniform stormed inside panting visibly.

"Miss Emelia! James has set the servants courters on fire again! Nine are heavily injured please hurry!" She pants. Emelia stood up alarm clear in her expression.

" This is the third time this month if guild master hears of this he'll be sent to the Shadows Pitch on his own, that idiot!" She stormed out with the uniformed women.

"Oh, my. Arry what happened?" I ask the system who's holding her stomach trying not to laugh.

"A young boy who likes to experiment with chemicals had mixed the wrong chemicals by accident and set the servants courters on fire, he's done it three times this month!" Arry said between breathless laughs. I shook my head smiling helplessly at her. Oh, right!

"Hey do you know Rion?" I ask.

"Of course I do, he was the first to cross to the other world and also the first to see me. That pendant you're wearing is a replica of the item he found in his youth, if you look in your inventory you'd find other objects in it as well. The pendant was used to shift unfortunately you can only use it once and since it's been used you can't return. But Rion can, whenever and however way he wants to." She sighs and leaned back. He'll visit then, though I won't be able to see Ben I know Rion has something planned for that. That guy really knows how to keep his secrets. I stared out of the window as another thought crossed my mind.

"How come I'm in the inner members house, if I'm not even a member?" I muse to myself.

" It is because, Emelia had signed you in as her sister and had made you apart of the guild and had asked the vice guild master to allow you to stay here and then once you've learned how to take care of yourself and how to fight the two of you would go fight a dungeon together." Arry answered giving me a sly grin. Hé? When did she?
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"While you were asleep." Arry says.

"Well obviously. But why? She doesn't know me, she shouldn't trust me and most of all she shouldn't have claimed to be my sister."I pointed out.

" Just be grateful."Arry says frowning.

" I am!!" I nearly shouted." It's just maybe she's a bit to trusting, no?" I muttered.

"She isn't, she oy trusts you because you touched her soft spot when you smiled at her." Arry answered.

" So I'm receiving benefits because I wanted the girl to feel a bit better, in my time of pain?"I ask my eyebrows scrunched up.

" Yes. Now relax and ask these questions to Emelia. Let her answer so that no one will suspect you of being a spy." Arry says. I gave a sigh and looked at the window by my side. It's a balcony, I know where I'm going then. I was about to stand up when someone pushed me back down.

"Stay." Says a stern Emelia. I raised my hands.

"Okay, I'm staying. Hey, why am I in the inner members house if I'm not even apart of the guild? And what's your guilds name? " I ask bombarding her with questions she smiled.

" Well the guilds name is Blue Phoenix. And I kinda signed you in as my sister that is if you agree to be my sister from now on, one day once you've learned how to fight and know how to take care of yourself you can pay us back by contributing to the guild then you may stay as long as you want." Her eyes pleaded with me and I made a face inwardly. So cute!

"Um, okay. I agree to be your sister, but why do you trust me? I could be a spy for all you know?" I ask her.

" Why would they torture their own? Plus I like you, your so sweet! And you were strong enough to try and make me feel better when you heard me cry, why should I not trust you? And why can't I?" She asks sitting down on a chair by my side. I gave a sigh and smiled.

"You should trust me, because I have nothing and I know less. So I'll trust you as you do the same. So I'll be in your care, big sis Emelia." I say, ah I was always the big sister guess rolls have changed.


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