Love sings
6 Chapter 6: Dancing Flames
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Love sings
Author :Asher2000
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6 Chapter 6: Dancing Flames

It's been two hours since Emelia left to get the contract from the vice guild leader which made more questions bubble to my lips. But I held back learning to much in one day might be a bit dangerous. The door burst open and three maids filled in, they bowed their heads to me and walked into a room off to the left of me. I blinked they had a bunch of bags and sweet smelling stuff with them. What are they doing?

"Excuse me, but may I know what you are doing?" I ask loud enough for them to hear as I shifted to get closer to the door which they had walked into.

"We're preparing a bath for you, Miss Rosabelle." A maid with soft black hair answered with a smile.

" Oh, thank you, may I know what your names are?" I ask.

"Yes, Miss Rosabelle, I'm Alice, the lady with pink hair is Nesuke, and the last girl is Kate we'll be your personal servants from here on out." She answered and walked back into the bathroom. Well I don't actually need any personal servants but I guess it's fine.

"Thank you." I called out. I removed the cover and stood up a little shakily but hey it's progress. I walked using the wall and my bed to get to the bathroom. Inside there's a bathroom which is laid within the floor and is instead of an oval shape a square shaped bathtub. They had filled the water with what appears to be roses in the shape of bells, all of them a white and blue colour like my hair, coincidence. Steaming hot water rose to the very top of the bath, the maids smiled happy at what they have accomplished. I smile softly.

"It smells wonderful thank you guys so much, oh and you don't need to call me Miss, just call me by my name or give me a nickname." I say.

" But it's inappropriate to do such a thing, Miss!" Says Nesuke.

" Than I'll call you, Misses as well." I say. They stared at me stunned. I shrugged.

" I'm quite stubborn. You might as well call me Rose, don't worry I won't make you call me that when there are other people near by." I say waving them off, dismissing them.

" Alright, well obey. There are some garments over there which you can wear after you've bathed, we'll also leave your lunch on your bed and bring dinner later on. Please enjoy your day, Rose." Alice says as she and the others departed. I nodded in thanks and closed the bathroom door behind me. I removed the night gown which I had slept in and proceeded to climb into the water.

"Eng, it's so good!" I say after feeling the heat of the water. Arry smiled as she sat down next to me but not quite in the water.

"Why don't you practice some tricks using elemental control?" She suggested. I nodded my head slightly.

" How?" I ask tilting my head and soaking my hair.

"Imagination. Use it to lift the water and play with it." She answered simply. I huffed. I lifted my hand up and thought of the particles of water and air lifting up along with my hand. The water bubbled and subsided, I was about to give up when the water slowly lifted, if only a head sized bit it's still enough for me. I took a glance at my MP and grinned,it didn't even budge. Amazing. I twisted my hand slightly adding more water and slowly made the water flow in a circular way. Arry clapped her hands obviously entertained.

"Nice job, now try to make the water change into another element." She says. That sounds hard. Maybe not. I focused my attention on the small atoms and changed their shape withing the water making them freeze. I grinned.

"Happy?" I ask.

"Sure, change it to fire." She commanded.

"That's a little too hard!" I say making a face.

"Do the same you did just now just make the temperature little warmer." She says. That'll make a kind of lava. Wait! I lifted my other hand and focused souly on the ice. If I change the ice particles to wind or rather oxygen, then change the levels of temperature and add a little bit of gasoline to the mix, suddenly fire erupted from the ice, making the room extremely hot.

"I did it!" I say happily.

"Nice. You made fire now let's see how you make them dance." Arry says leaving me speechless.

" Come on, you know what I mean!" She says. Ah no I don't. But I'll try to make them dance as you say. I shifted the flames form turning them into what appears to be a dancer then a twirled my hands making them dance, Arry laughed.

"No! I meant let them flicker instead of controlling them!" She says still laughing.

" Okay, but I'll leave the dancer though." As soon as I let go, the flames of the dancer flickered but kept on 'living' and the fire dancer kept on dancing.

"Good job. Now try controlling the dancer without the use of your hands." Arry ordered. I shrugged and used instead only my mind. Taking a hold over the dancer a made her into a ballerina and controlled her to dance like one. I shifted her into an earth like puppet and then let her turn into a bunch of bell like roses, letting her fall apart and turn to water once the flowers touched the waters surface.

" Amazing, you did well. For a newbie your quite good at elemental magic next time we'll practice metal and other such things." Says Arry. I nodded and finished washing up. I stood up and dried myself of using a mixture of water and air, water to gather the water in one place and air to lift it off of my body and back into the now empty bathtub. I quickly got dressed in jeans, and a black t-shirt. I looked at Arry.

"This world is like ours? Just a bit different with monsters, leveling and such, right?" I ask.

"Wrong, this world is a little more advanced. And so it is completely different from your own." Arry answered as we walked into my room. I sat down and ate the ham and cheese sandwich which the maids had left for me. The spices on it is quite good.

The door opened and Emelia walked in, papers in one hand and the other holding a box with a stamp on top of it. She sat down in front of me and held out a paper and pen.

"This is an agreement that you are in fact my sister and that you will contribute for living in this guild and that we accept that you may live here as long as you contribute and grow for the guild. This stamp is a verification tattoo which is permanent but can be removed by either the guild master or vice guild master if you want to leave or not. And you don't need to read through the documents cause I just summed everything up. Oh and you'll get a monthly payment of 5000 USD per month, but after three months of none contribution your payment will be revoked. Got it?" She asks. I nodded but read through the documents in any ways. I signed my name without my surname onto the contract.

"Alright! Which colour do you want? You can choose whichever suits you." Emelia says tapping the box.

" Blue. Maybe a Kings Blue if you don't mind?" I ask. She nodded.

" Where shall I stamp it onto?" She asks.

" Um,how about my wrist?" I ask holding my left arm out. She took the stamp and first struck it into the box and then stamped it on to my wrist. The tattoo instantly became apart of my flesh by stitching itself into my arm. Ah that hurts. After a second a Phoenix surrounded by flames appeared on my wrist in a bright Kings blue colour while the flames were a softer blue. I inspected the tattoo with a silly grin plastered on my face. I looked up grinning at Emelia.

"Thank you!" I say launching forward and hugging her to me.
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"Ah! I can't breathe!" Emelia says.

"Lair." I mumbled.

"Yeah, yeah, but seriously let go." She says patting my shoulder. I let go and continued to eat my lunch.

"Yeash,who would have thought you'd be bold enough to hug someone out of the blue like that?" She says rubbing her arms.

" Oh right, Emelia why did the vice guild master handle this situation instead of the guild master?" I ask.

" Because the guild master and the rest of the inner members and disciples have gone to an emergency raid. They've been gone for an entire month now. You know the day we found you? It's the same day that the guild master had gone to assist in the raid. Since it's his baby brother who's stuck inside of the mutated dungeon." Emelia answered.


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