Love sings
7 Chapter 7: Rules of the dungeons
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Love sings
Author :Asher2000
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7 Chapter 7: Rules of the dungeons

"But I could care less about that man! He nearly killed Case just cause she accidentally tripped and took a hold of his sleeves to support herself! That lady killer deserves what's coming for him!" She seethed. Uh, where'd the nice Emelia go? I want her back.

" Em? What did he do to deserve your ire?" I ask nervously.

"Like I said he is a lady killer. Everywhere he goes ladies line up for him trying to court him! Court Him! Not the way it's supposed go cause he refuses to even look at any women! And whenever one lady goes even a hair closer to him he'd nearly cut their throats out!" She's more than pissed.

" I hope he rots in that dungeon!" She growled.
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"But think about the things he's done for the guild. What would have happened without him? And think of the people he's leading and his baby brother? Won't they be sad if he dies?" I coaxed trying to get her to look at the bright side of things.

" Well without him we would not have a mountain as a base. This guild wouldn't be as organized. I wouldn't be married to his son and... " I cut her off instantly.

" YOU'RE MARRIED?!" I shouted.

"Ow! Not so loud! And yes I am, I'd think you'd be more surprised at the fact that I'm married to the guild Masters son?" She says rubbing her ears. I smiled sheepishly.

"I'm guessing the guild master is old?" I ask.

" No, not really for an adventurer he's rather young. His girlfriend had given birth to his son while he was in a dungeon. Oh right don't you know how dungeons work?" She asks.

" Ah no, could you explain what and how they work?" I ask, I have an idea of what a dungeon is but I want to see if I'm right.

"Right, sorry. Dungeons are places were monsters spawn, they spawn outside as well but not as frequently and does outside are quite intelligent. While those inside dungeons can be considered as normal animals but their much more viscous and aggressive. Time inside the dungeons are quite confusing. Because our bodies don't age but we can still get injured or die inside of them." She paused waiting for everything to sink in. That's rather awesome, this means that a person can hide within a dungeon waiting for time to pass by and they wouldn't even age. Emelia continued.

"And then time flows differently inside as well, one day inside a dungeon is an hour outside. A dungeon can also mutate and then an emergency raid would be called out so that people can clear it and so that the monsters couldn't brake free. While it's rare that a monster brakes free its very bad when it happens because these monsters are far stronger than their counter parts within the dungeons. Their about several levels stronger than their fellow monsters of the same level." She says. I blinked.

" Is that all I need to know about dungeons? And what does this have to do with the fact that the guild masters girlfriend gave birth while he was in a dungeon, it still wouldn't make sense unless he spent at least several years within a dungeon...." Emelia cuts me off.

" Your right. But wrong as well. Let me explain further about the dungeon and what it does. Oh and I actually meant ex- girlfriend.They were exes by the time my husband was born.

To be able to enter a dungeon you'd have to be a higher level than the dungeon itself to solo it, but if you're lower than you'll have to be in a party of at least five. Five because you'd need a tank, healer, damage dealer, range attacker and mage or you can add more but that would take away the EXP you earn and therefore decrease the reason for why you'd challenge a dungeon. Let's go back to mutated dungeons. Once a dungeon is mutated the first raid team would experience a slight shift in the rules of time. Instead of an entire day inside being the same as an hour out,it changes places,one day outside is an hour inside of the dungeon so it's been about 31 hours since they've entered the dungeon. Okay we've handled the dungeon part now it's time for a bit of gossiping." Emelia says with an evil glint in her eyes I shook my head smiling.

"The guild masters ex had gotten herself pregnant by somehow stealing his sperm and then injecting it into her womb, apparently she had wanted him to take pity on her for her pregnancy but.... the guild master had entered a dungeon when she had went to inform him of her pregnancy. And unfortunately.... the dungeon had mutated. The guild master was stuck in there with his friends and brothers for about seven years, long right? In that time my husband was born and raised but his mother had lost interest in him and shoved him off to my parents who had then since taken care of him and me. Then when the guild master had came out my parents told him everything that had happened and he had taken my husband in." Emelia says. I frowned she hadn't put in much information. She shrugged.

" I want you to learn their names on your own or it'll seem like I betrayed my husband. Oh and I can't wait for you to meet him! Wait! I forgot to mention what the dungeons do to our bodies!" Emelia suddenly says shaking her head.

" Ayi, I got to excited! Our lives get prolonged!" She says and smiled happily at me. Huh? I tilted my head to the side.

" I know right? The more you fight within a dungeon the longer you'll live! The oldest someone has ever gotten is 1987 years of age! Amazing right! And we retain our youth like complexion forever! We don't turn wrinkly like people who chooses to forsake dungeoning and instead focuses on lifting our economy up and keeping us sustained. Like the servants who are to afraid to fight in dungeons and such." Emelia says and I yawned. Boy she talks a lot.

"Why does it sound like you're against them?" I ask curiously.

" I'm not. It is just... why are they afraid of dungeons? If they don't know how to fight and a horde attacks the cities or villages than how will they survive? They can't always rely on us." She pointed out.

" True. But what about their families? Perhaps they want to make sure they're able to experience their family's growth and be able to see them each and every day. Don't you think they might only be worried about their families?" I ask. Emelia paused.

" Perhaps. Okay enough of this it's getting late and I have night duties since there are so many people injured thanks to a certain idiot." Emelia says rising up and pouting her lips in an adorable way. I smiled.

" Then good night Em, please call me if you hear anything more about dungeons or know something you forgot to mention. "I say and hugged her with one arm. She nodded.

" Night, Rose. See you tomorrow and I have a surprise for you." She says and walked out of the room. I shrugged. I looked at Arry with a question in my eyes.

"They will be back by tomorrow. And what she says is true. I won't explain how because it won't make sense either way. " Arry answers. I sighed as the maid Kate walks in with dinner. She smiled at me and placed my food in front of me taking the plate away from earlier on's lunch.

"Please call me when you are finished, Rose." Kate says and bowed walking away.

"Thank you, Kate." I say. She turned her head and smiled at me nodding. I quickly finished and called Kate back, she took the plate away and said good night to me.

"Good night to you too, Kate." I say whilst waving.

"You are in a hurry tonight, Rose." Says Arry.

"No, I want the night to pass so that I could learn martial arts from you." I say.

"And who, prey tell, told you that I would teach you martial arts?" Arry asks smiling.

" No one, but you said in the beginning you'd help me. So I assume you'd teach me fighting techniques as well, right?"I ask. She nodded.

" Though my techniques are long lost and dangerous if others were to learn it. So I'll have to ask you to never teach it to anyone unless I give you the right to. That's the only way that I would teach you, do you agree?" Arry asks her face turning serious.

" Of course! I won't teach anybody anything. Not unless I get permission from you first. Deal?" I ask holding my hand out, now that I think of it Arry's never touched me before. Her hand took a hold of my own and I smiled it felt normal she shook it.

"Deal. Now get ready for bed." Arry ordered. I nodded but remembered what I had wanted to do this morning.


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