Love sings
8 Chapter 8: Silent Nigh
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Love sings
Author :Asher2000
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8 Chapter 8: Silent Nigh

I scrambled off of the bed and hurriedly tugged the balcony door open, I stepped out side and gasped. There is absolutely nothing bellow this balcony, it's a steep drop right into the abyss. So this house is on a cliff on the mountain. I looked up and smiled. The night sky was filled with stars. The entire space is decorated with splashes of colour as if a clumsy painter had accidentally spilled all of his paint onto a black canvas. I leaned against the walls of my room sitting on the railing and enjoying the silence of the night.

"You're way of describing the sky is rather odd." Says Arry.

I huffed, of course she'd read my mind.

"Well I might think the painter is clumsy but his art work sure is pretty, oh sorry she." I say grinning at the very painter.

" I have no sex. I am only a women because I over see the people who walk the earth so what you say doesn't really matter but thank you. And I am not clumsy. I knew what I did when I created the stars, though they are all that I made the creator made everything else." Arry says sounding a bit offended.

" Sorry. I meant it as a compliment. Didn't you know? That which is clumsy can be masterful too. It can be amazing and beautiful it just depends on who's viewing that clumsy art or person."I say smiling.

" True." Arry sighs and sat against the opposite wall.

"By the way did the creator create you as well?" I ask.

"No, I'm his wife or husband to her. Like me he or she has no sex." Arry answered. I smiled.

" So he or she is a kind of God?" (Author:I only believe in one God so if you're the same just know this is myth I'm not insulting God or challenging him through this.) I say.

"Yes, you could say that. And you are my personal child." Arry says. I raised an eyebrow.

" What do you mean?" I ask.

"I'm raising and guiding you, so you are like my child, Rose. Though he is raising his own right now it doesn't change the fact that you are his as well. Which means you have a sibling. Not that I'll point out who it is. As he won't point out who it is either." Arry says. I blinked.

" Someone is being guided by the person who created this universe?" I ask skeptical.
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" Yes, this someone is going to change the world and so will you. All you two have to do is be you." She says smiling at me. I shook my head and gave up. I'll know everything eventually. I looked around and my eyes widened. My room is the only one with a balcony on this floor?! How does this work?! I looked up, there's another balcony but why do I have this room? Ugh I'll ask sister Emelia tommorow. I looked back at the stars. Closing my eyes I focused on the silent environment around me.


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