Love sings
9 Chapter 9: Flames of Thorns
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Love sings
Author :Asher2000
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9 Chapter 9: Flames of Thorns


The sound of an explosion made me shoot out of my bed I looked around in alarm but found nothing.

"James as set another servants courters to flame. Get dressed." Arry says. I nodded and quickly got dressed into the clothes I wore the day before. I opened my door and closed it behind me as I stepped into the corridor that connects the entire house with my room. Emelia ran down the stairs on the opposite side of the room and ran towards me.

"Follow me!" She calls out and ran to the other set of stairs on the opposite side of which she came from. I nodded and ran after her. The house is rather big, it has seven stories and this is the sixth. My poor slow body won't make it! Though I thought this I still ran after Emelia. We ran down the stairs and out of the house running down a path of carefully planted and arranged flowers. My hair flowed in the wind as we turned away from a fountain and to a small courtyard, one of the rooms closet is on fire. The flames seem to have a mind of their own since they keep striking out at the people near it.

"JAMES!!!" Emelia screamed at the top of her lungs making everyone near by stumble back in alarm. Oh no, this girl's pissed.

"Yes, Miss Emelia!" Shouted a young boy from within the crowd.

"Front and center right now!" Emelia answered.

"Yes, Miss Emelia!" Called the boy as he jogged over, his face scared from the flames and half his hair missing looking like one heck of a mad scientist. At least he isn't laughing or smiling.

"What nonsense have you created this time?" Emelia asks.

"Um, Miss Emelia this was an accident but I believe it's called Flames of thorns, Miss... " The boy trailed off as Emelia's face turned crimson with rage. I placed a hand on her shoulder.

"What chemicals did you use?" I ask.

"Uh, I didn't use any. Mair next door's horse had kicked my walls which made the cupboards of chemicals fall and well here we are, Miss." He says scratching the back of his head. I looked at Arry and she nodded.

" Okay, I believe you. Emelia, can you call water and Earth mages over?" I ask.

"They are on their way." She says sounding calmer. I nodded my head.

" Everyone else can throw sand at the fire, this will help to put it out, even if it's mud." I say.

" Alright I'll ask everyone to co-operate with that." Emelia says and cupped her hands around her mouth. "LISTEN UP!! EVERYONE GRAB BUCKETS OR HAND FULLS OF SAND AND THROW IT AT THE FIRE WHILE WE WAIT FOR THE EARTH AND WATER MAGES!! DON'T JUST STAND THERE UP AND AT IT!" Emelia yelled. Ow. I took a bucket off to the side that had a bit of water in it and threw the water to the ground making mud from it, I scooped up as much as I could and quickly filled the bucked with as much mud as there were. I stood up and ran towards the fire twisting my body slightly out of the fire's reach I threw the mud onto a patch of fire turning it to ashes. I jumped back as a streak of fire jumped out at me. Ha! Its afraid of mud! Everyone who saw what I did instantly copied me and began to throw the flames with buckets of mud and sand. I grinned from ear to ear, this is actually fun. I ran back and scooped water into the bucket and then threw it onto dry ground turning it to mud and repeated the process. The mages arrived and took over thanking us for extinguishing at least a little of the fire. A arm draped itself around my shoulders.

"Nice! Who would ever think of using mud as a fire extinguisher?" Emelia asks rubbing the sweat from her forehead off with her free arm.

"Me?" I shrug.

"Yeah but we never think of using mud because we're always to stressed out about the fire to worry about anything else." She sigh and shook her head. " Never mind at least we had helped a little, I'm going to go heal those who are wounded,wait here." Emelia ordered and waltzed away clearly in high spirits. A helpless smile played on my lips, can't I explore on my own? I sat down and watched as the mages took care of the flames. An hour passed and Emelia walked over holding a stone in her hand with weird runes in-craved into it. I stood up and dusted myself off. Emelia held the stone out for me so I took it.

([Runic Stone~ Mount Jia Chou||Detailed Map]

A map of the mountain Jai Chou. It contains a detailed lay out of the home base of the guild Blue Phoenix. To obtain this map you would have to have the tattoo of the Blue Phoenix and then you would have to crush it within your palms.


"Is this for me?" I mumble.

"Yes it is,crush it." Emelia answers. I nodded and crushed the stone between my palms reducing it to ashes. Cool.

{You have obtained a map, do you wish to inspect it?}


"Yes." I answered and a map appeared in front of my eyes.

My location was marked in a red dot, the buildings and their names were marked in black while the important places, I assume because it's higher up on the mountain is marked in light yellow. There are a lot of gardens and a lot of hotel like buildings for members and families within the guild base. This place is huge! I bet it's bigger than New York! I shook my head maybe New York is still a bit to small to compare.

"This place is big!" I say.

"Nah,the capital is two times bigger,this is just a mini version of the capital. And then there is the main capital which is five times bigger than the capital. The guild would have stayed within the mountain Chu Fu, which is just as big as the capital but sadly we could not afford it and now that we could we've established a great guild base and we've become a little attached to this mountain so none of us want to shift to mount Chu Fu any more." Emelia says. I smiled and shook my head.

" I'll judge which is bigger with my own eyes but for now, can we please go have breakfast? I'm starving here." I say rubbing my stomach. Emelia laughed and dragged me by my hand away from the no longer burning courters. She dragged me past a few guild members who decided to join us.

"Hey Emelia,is this the new girl?" A boy in heavy looking red armour asks.

"Yep." She answers popping the p. "This is Rosabelle,Rosabelle these are our fellow inner guild members and disciples. Introduce yourselves." Emelia says as and ignored them.

" My name is Mi Ke,I'm a swordmen." Says the same boy from earlier.

"Nice to be of acquaintance." I say. Emelia laughed.

"What's so funny?" I grumbled.

"Nothing." She answered stifling her laughter.

" My name is Chris, I'm an Earth mage, that idea of yours sure was useful." A man in normal clothes says, his hair was a light brown unlike the rest of his friends who have either black or a light shade of blue hair.

"My name is Nikie,I'm an Archer and this is my twin Alias,he's an Archer as well and he doesn't speak." Says a girl with purple eyes.

" My class is Nephilim, you guys can call me Rose if you want." I say freezing everyone on the spot.

" Hé? Rose your class is Nephilim? What does that mean?" Emelia asks. I gave a slight shrug.
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" I haven't fought yet so I don't know,yet." I answered.

" Alright we'll figure things out later let's have breakfast first then when the rest of the guild returns we'll ask around to see who knows what a nephilim class entails." Says Emelia as we began to walk again.


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