Love sings
10 Chapter 10: Hidden Sanctuary
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Love sings
Author :Asher2000
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10 Chapter 10: Hidden Sanctuary

Emelia chatted with the other four as I looked over the map, there's a part that isn't marked. It says its called the frost forest, so I'm guessing it's cold well we are on a mountain so anything that blocks the sun would be cold but why call it frost Forest?

"Emelia?" I ask.

"Yeah?"She answers and looked at me.

"Why is there a frost forest on the mountain, I understand it would be cold but why is it called the forest of frost of all things?" I say making the map visible.

" That's because the place is frozen, literally. Not even a drop of sunlight shines through the canopy of leaves making everything cold below the leaves and to top it all off the flowers there give off cold so the place has snow coating the entire floor bed of the forest. We've tried to go in there but that place is just way to cold to sustain life within it, it's a wonder how those flowers are still alive." Emelia answers while shivering at the thought of the forest. Is it really that cold? The earth shook and my eyes widen, again?!

"Ah guys the big bear is back." Says Chris after taking a glance out side. Huh?

" Okay, we'll handle that, Emelia go and heal those who are wounded so far and Rose find something to entertain yourself or follow us." Says Mi Ke. I nodded and stood up.

" I'm going exploring." I say.

" Where? " Asks Emelia seeming suspicious.

" Nowhere I'm not supposed to go of course." I say grinning. She sighs and waved me off as they ran out of the room. I'll have to ask who big bear is, is it a real bear or a human who's called big bear? I shook my head.Okay its time to explore the forest of frost. Taking a bag and putting in a turkey sandwich I left following the wilted path that would lead to my destination while Arry pipped up.

"Rose?" She says.


"Why are you interested by the forest that's frozen?" She asked looking at me curiously, it isn't as if you don't know. I sigh.

" It's unexplored and thanks to the fact that I'm able to preform all elemental spells I believe that the cold won't have much of an affect on me, and if it did I'll instantly move out of the forest. Plus it may give us the opportunity to train. "I say grinning from ear to ear. Arry smiled grimly, knowing I won't drop out of such an amazing opportunity.
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Suddenly a bone chilling and toe curling atmosphere made m shiver. It wasn't the temperature per say.... no it was killing intent. But why was it directed at me? I can cense it because I was a martial arts teacher who specializes in the art of war so my mind was naturally accumulated to cense the potency of intent and to whom it was directed at. I just couldn't make heads or tails of this, why on Earth and how, could anybody hate me? To the extent that they would want to kill me? Had the old Rosabelle do something that had caused this but how? I don't look a thing like I did before. My aura is different from hers as well. I shook my head as I found that I had walked further in without knowing. I shivered as the killing intent increased with each step.

"We should get out since it's so cold." Arry suggested seeing me shiver the way I did. I shook my head for some unknown reason.

"It's not the cold that I'm shivering because off..... this is more because of someone wanting to kill me." I mutter softly. My eyes sharpened as they darted around continuasly(Author:Ugh please help me with this word?! I don't have an editor and I have to revise things using a dictionary but this is too much! I can't find the dang word!!)

Then suddenly we broke into a clearing and well..... just wow. Twisting and twirling, spirals of towers, that seemed to be made from the very environment around us. So natural yet it was beautiful. Frost coated the top of the structures like a snowy blanket. Gardens of frosty flowers were rising in the ground ranging from lilies to even the most wildest and uncommon flowers there could be.

All I had in mind was that this, this was a true sanctuary.

My body mived on instinct as a sword missed me by barely an inch.


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