Love sings
11 Chapter 11: Demon
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Love sings
Author :Asher2000
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11 Chapter 11: Demon

Small droplets of blood dripped down my arm, I looked up and into crimson eyes which burned with hatred all concentrated on me. What did I do to you! This man like being had horns, bat like wings and red skin. Also may I mention that the guy isn't even wearing a shirt! His muscles are toned and distracting. I looked away and to his sword.... it's stuck. It had embedded deep into the ground, only it's hilt was visible.

'This is when you run.' Says Arry. I shrugged my shoulders.

'Nah, I want to find out why this... whatever he is, hates me. ' I say and stepped forward. It snarled at me, it's fangs bared the fire around it's body heated up a step or two, I stopped and tilted my head. Walking forward I ignored his snarls and growls until I was barely a foot away from him.

"Why do you hate me?" I ask. He rushed forward his sword somehow free. He pushed me against a tree his sword against my throat drawing blood.

"Because you are a Nephilim scum." He spitted out through gritted teeth. Ah seriously?! I thought this race would be less noticable in terms of strength!

"Scum? I wouldn't.... I wouldn't go so far. Hey! I'm tryna be nice here!" I say as he pushed his sword further against my neck. He ignored me. " Let me go!" I shouted at the top of my lungs my leg lifted and I gave him one strong kick right in the crotch. He staggered back and I held my neck.

"I wasn't always a Nephilim! Jeez, there's no need to harm me just cause of my race!" I say. He looked up confused.
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" What do you mean? Are you saying you were human before being a Nephilim? Do you take me for a fool?!?!" He roared. I rolled my eyes. I pushed myself out of the way by stomping my foot down hard on the tree throwing me out of the swords sharp point soon to be target. Sh¶t! He moves fast! I rolled, placing my hand in front of my feet to stop my momentum. I ducked down, my hands evenly spread out from the other has his sword made a wide arch of the place where my neck used to be. Jumping to my feet I quickly dodged as his sword swung up nearly slicing me in half. My body has already lost its stamina I'm just going by reflexes now.

'You should have ran.' Says Arry. I stuck my tongue out on reflex.

" YOU DARE TO MOCK ME?!" Oh boy. He had shouted his body turning into a blur as his movements began to increase, I stumbled more than I dodged. My foot caught on something and I fell, rolling down a steep hill down to the edges of a cliff. I sprang to my feet wanting to get away as quickly as I could, unfortunately he didn't think so. He swung his sword down in front of me getting my shoulder. My eyes widen in horror and fear as my body stumbled back, without any warning without my will. I reached out groping for empty air and space. The wind sent my hair in a dance of whips around me as I closed my eyes. Can't I use my wings?!

'You don't have enough energy or Mana, your body needs to level up at least once you.' Says Arry her voice laced with panic. Wind. I tried to take a hold of the elements around me to stop my descent,But. Out of nowhere strong arms wrapped around me, as the wind stopped my eyes opened to meet the firey eyes of the person who had made me fall. His eyes were emotionless, nevertheless he flew up and placed me, gently onto the ground. My feet gave way and I fell onto my butt. He sat down next to me the fire around him extinguished. His skin turned pale, his hair a snowy white and his eyes remained their crimson hue. Then I saw his name:

[Scott~Demon|lvl 50]

"My name's Rosabelle, by the way. Thank you." I say and sighed laying back down onto the grass. Never do I want to fall again, it's really something I wish to forget. Hais.

"Scott. And I only saved you because I saw that you are apart of my guild. As long as you don't do anything, I won't kill you." He says and stood up, his wings faded and what remained was a huge tattoo of the guildmark. Wow. I'm staring ain't I?


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