MMORPG: The Almighty Ring
20 Equipment Sales
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MMORPG: The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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20 Equipment Sales

After learning all the Recipes on hand, Jiang Fei used all the remaining goldon Copper Ores. He did not waste any time returning to the Blacksmith's Workshop to bring hammer to anvil.

Since the Recipes were all Level 10 White grades, crafting them was quick and crisp. Without even realizing it, Jiang Fei found himself out of Copper Ingots. In return, he now held 300 White tier and 100 Green tier equipment.

Even though Rosette Rose had given Jiang Fei full access to the guild storage, he could not simply waltz right up and exhaust all the gold in the storage for his own sake.

After thinking for a bit, Jiang Fei had a fresh idea. Of all the equipment that he had just created, the best 30 of the 100 Green tier equipment were deposited into the guild storage. The rest of the junk would be sold off.

Since Rosette Knighthood was already a small guild, to begin with, members who could equip Heavy Armor were even fewer -- 20 players at most. It was best to sell what he could for more materials and transform them into better equipment. With his high Luck and ability to mass produce Ascended equipment, Jiang Fei was confident of a sure, easy path ahead. At the same time, he would earn enough money to be self-sustaining!

"Hot sales! Limited stock of Level 10 set equipment for sale! Location @ XXX, XXX Dawnlight City East Gate!!!! First come first serve!"

To hasten the entire process, Jiang Fei bit down his pride and bought a broadcasting service to help spread his message throughout the city, as well as players who were close enough.

"What the hell? Someone is selling set equipment!"

"Go! Go! Go! We can get two sets if it's cheap!"

"We gotta start running. That stock won't last!"

Jiang Fei's sudden advertisement had caused a major commotion throughout the city. Almost everyone in the game was &*^%# pissed off at the @%$#* drop rate and were still lugging beginner gear about.

Pub players were not the only ones having a hard time. Even the major, Profession-centric guilds were troubled by the &^%$@* system. Everything had such &^%$@* success rates! When they were just starting out, almost all Profession players were burning through all their materials to attempt creating some shitty gear. Producing a single Green grade with a White grade Recipe was a dream. Unlike Jiang Fei, others were not making any profit from White tier equipment as the end product was worth even lesser than the raw materials they were derived from. Even the Whalers were having a tough time handling this problem. At most, they could only walk around with full sets of White tier equipment -- all from the quest rewards of the Beginner's Village!

Now that Jiang Fei had made his broadcast citywide, even the big Guildmasters were scrambling in a hurry!

"Hey! Glider! What are you doing? Didn't we agree that you would prioritize the members of Rosette Knighthood?!" cried Rosette Rose. She was probably the only person in the entire city unhappy with Jiang Fei's sale.

"Hehehe. Calm down, Guildmaster. I'm just liquidating some junk. All the good ones are in the storage. See for yourself. I'm just looking for more funds to further my craft," Jiang Fei explained calmly.

Rosette Rose was stunned.

"Is that right… My bad for misjudging your actions. Brother Glider, you'll have to work hard for all the sisters in the guild. They are all depending on you!"

Before he knew it, Rosette Rose changed her tone again. It was so… Indescribable. It was the tone that a woman would adopt whenever she wanted to kiss a man! At least, that was what he saw in the movies…

After finally forcing his saliva down, Jiang Fei spat, "Guildmaster! Could you speak like a normal person? You're creeping me out!"

"Sigh… What an airhead. So be it! You're all on your own!" Rosette Rose rolled her eyes and left. At first, she wanted to flirt with this young man, who was only one year her junior. But still… What a virgin!

By the time Jiang Fei was done talking to Rosette Rose, a massive crowd had swarmed him.

There was just too much for him to store. Not even the temporary storage beside the Workshop could hold that many equipment at once. It was not the quantity but rather, the variety that was causing the issue. 300 White tier equipment could be stacked and took up only 30 slots. On the other hand, the Green tier equipment had taken up 70 slots! The variety of skills and different attributes that they possessed was just overwhelming. Jiang Fei had to make return trips to the Workshop just to carry all the "trash equipment."

When it seemed that the entire city had clamored around him, Jiang Fei opened up the stall and displayed all of his wares. At the forefront were all the White tier equipment. Jiang Fei intended to empty out the White grades first before anything else. That way, he could further inflate the prices.

"Each White grade stack contains 10 copies of the same thing. 2 gold coins per stack! Only 30 stacks in total! NO NEGOTIATIONS!"

"What the hell! That's a lot!"

"This guy must be from a top guild or something…"

"Top guild? Most probably the spokesperson of a professional Crafters-only guild!"

At first, many players were expecting only 20 to 30 items. A far cry from the three-digit zone they were looking at. The only plausible conclusion was that this seller was not a lone player, but a representative of a conglomerate of crafters.

We literally called these groups Workshops. They would take in any Crafter class players and even more Gatherers! That way, they could sustain a mutual relationship by selling equipment and sharing the profit!

"Why must they come in sets? I don't need the rest, just the boots," said one of Jiang Fei's buyers. Based on the price that Jiang Fei had set, each article of equipment will cost 20 silver coins. At that price, average players could afford one or two pieces, not the entire set.

"I'm sorry. Sets only," said Jiang Fei. There was no time for him to reorganize and piece the misfits together again. After all, he was here to clear everything out while maximizing his profit.

"I'll take everything!" A voice rose up from the noisy jumble of voices. The husky voice was easily distinguishable -- their owners even more so. Four hulking Orc Warriors waded through the crowd and made their way to the front. Like a hot knife through butter, those strength-based players shoved the other players aside. Apparently, they were escorting a Human, who quickly approached Jiang Fei.

Southern Azuresword (Apprentice Knight, Human)

Level : 17

Health Points: 2,215

Attack Power: 175

Note: Guildmaster of "Omnisword"

Due to the power of the ring, Jiang Fei had all the information about the man standing in front of him.

"Deal," Jiang Fei agreed without a second thought, even though the man did look a little sketchy.

The transaction was made, and the Guildmaster's inventory was immediately filled with all the White tier equipment. In exchange, 60 additional goldcoins jingled in Jiang Fei's pockets, eliciting a satisfied grin. He could now afford the next batch of smithing. Anything from the Green tier equipment would be pure profit.

"Damn it! Just when I thought that I could finally get some upgrades, a random Whale appears and sweeps everything away!" someone in the crowd groaned. He was not alone in that sentiment. Several more were unsatisfied with Jiang Fei since he had refused to sell any of the equipment separately.

The tension was tight and tempers running short due to one simple factor. F*&#&^@$&*^ LOW DROP RATES! This led to a whole slew of other complications. Without proper equipment, players would struggle to continuously fight monsters, even if they were at the same level. Leveling up became an absolute chore past Level 10. The free Level 10 White tier equipment were by no means insufficient, but the monsters also packed a punch of their own. Players had to choose between spending more goldon equipment, or on potions! A miserly player could take a seat and recover health the old-fashioned way. Either way, unless they could get their hands on stronger equipment, they would struggle like zombies for a much longer time.


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