MMORPG: The Almighty Ring
21 The Gathering of Heroes
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MMORPG: The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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21 The Gathering of Heroes

"Please wait." A new voice called out, just as Southern Azuresword was about to make his exit. It was a group of players, led by a young male Elf leading them. Slung over his back was a bedazzling Chromatic longbow.

Happy Drunk (Phantom Marksman, Elf)

Level : 17

Health Points: 1,745

Attack Power: 258

Note: Vice Guildmaster of "The Aristocrats."

When Jiang Fei laid eyes on the Elf, he was surprised. Someone had actually obtained a Hidden Class on the third day of the game! Being lucky would be an understatement. This was divine intervention.

In the game, be it Profession players or combat Class players, there was a total of three different class tiers.

The first being the most common type. The type that NPCs handed out like free tissue. The second one would be Rare Classes. Rare Classes were stronger. However, they required particular means and methods to advance. The third would be the hardest to obtain. The Hidden Class. They were a special, exclusive, one-of-a-kind class. The illusive hidden instructors never made more than two appearances.

Hidden Classes were in a league of their own. Be it growth rate or skill trees, Hidden Class players would tower over their fellow players. With great power, came great challenges! Locating a Hidden Class instructor was like searching for a needle in a haystack! Even if you did, their questlines took exceptional skills and tenacity to complete!

Whenever a player managed to complete the Hidden Class quest, he or she would obtain the Class, as well as the Chromatic Evolving Equipment. A Chromatic Evolving Equipment would only increase with the player's own level. That was not all. The growth rate of a Chromatic Evolving Equipment would be equivalent to that of a Gold tier, Epic tier equipment!

There was no need to question the man. The bow that was glowing in multiple hues was enough proof for him to be a Hunter's Hidden Class! That bow on his back had the same power as a Level 15 Gold tier weapon. At that stage of the game, that could very well be the first ultimate weapon seen in public.

"What's up? What does the young master want with me?" asked Southern Azuresword, raising an eyebrow. Jiang Fei could not prove it, but he guessed that the two of them knew each other well.

"Hoho. Brother Azuresword, please don't be too courteous. Just call me Happy," said Happy Drunk, with a smile of his face. The man was handsome, to begin with, and when he smiled ever so elegantly, all the girls in the area went "kyaaa!"

"Hoho. How else am I supposed to treat the young master of Tianyu Enterprise? I'm afraid that I just can't allow myself to drop the honorifics!" said Southern Azuresword, as he turned his back to Happy Drunk. There were so many undertones and contradictions in that statement that Jiang Fei was now certain that these two shared some dark history.

The happy-go-lucky expression on the elf's face disappeared.

"Alright. I'll cut to the chase. Brother Azuresword has just bought off 300 sets of equipment. Isn't that just a little too much?"

"That's wrong! Brother Happy Drunk is right! Brother Azuresword, you better watch your back!"

This time, another large crowd came along.

One after another, multiple large group of players continued to show up. It was, after all, a first come first serve sale. Southern Azuresword had been faster than the rest, that was it.

"Old Daemon… You're here to help yourself as well?" Southern Azuresword hissed through his gritted teeth.

Daemon's Grimace (Magician, Spectre)

Level: 17

Health Points: 1,150

Magic Attack Power: 374

Note: Guildmaster of "Arkosios Sanctuary"

Another guy?!

Jiang Fei rolled his eyes as more and more big shots of the city arrived. Again, it was only the third day since launch. For a group of people to collect 1,000 gold coins to create the guild, they either had to be a group of professional players, or a bunch of players who threw their life-savings in a giant pot. Either way, it proved only two things: 1, they were strong players. 2, they had many players supporting them!

"Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hundreds of equipment… that's not a small number you know? Now that we're all here, let's divide them all. If the girls get here… that's one more mouth to feed…"

Jiang Fei shuddered. The voice of Daemon's Grimace was so coarse that it felt extremely uncomfortable.

"Speak of the devil, and SHE SHALL APPEAR! Talking behind my back eh? Are you courting death?" A deep but undeniably female voice could be heard roaring from the back of the already massive crowd.

Another one? Really?

However, Jiang Fei was thrown off by the appearance of this one.

Lady Casanova (Warrior, Minotaur)

Level: 18

Health Points: 2,150

Attack Power: 178

Note: Guildmaster of "Magithieves."

Minotaurs were not considered as a Hidden Race. They were just a sub-species of Orcs. Due to the horns and full body of fur, not many players would consider choosing that race. That was why Jiang Fei was now staring with his mouth agape, horrified and amazed at the same time. What kind of female would choose to be a Minotaur?!

In real life, this was a pretty tall lady. Standing at 185cm with a thickset body, selecting the Minotaur race had "enhanced" those features, resulting in a 250 cm tall she-beast! The moment she appeared, the crowd fell silent and more than one lower jaw struck the ground.

"FML! How could you call that a female?" Jiang Fei thought to himself. His mastery over the poker face shone at that moment, but he truly feared for his life right then.

Jiang Fei was not alone in his fear. Daemon's Grimace had seemed to shrink in size and spluttered, "Who's talking about you? No one would dare to talk behind your back."

"HMPH! It looks like all the important players at already here. Well, let's split the equipment. I'm taking 100 for myself!" Lady Casanova glared at Daemon's Grimace and bellowed.

"... Deal."

All three prominent players immediately nodded their heads. That response spoke volumes of her power. Just how strong were the Magithieves? There and then, Southern Azuresword then resold the goods to everyone at Jiang Fei's original price. It was all too sudden and direct. Why would the other Guildmasters and Vice Guildmasters just agree to her demand? Jiang Fei could not wrap his mind around it. All his years of playing various games could not allay the mystery.

Magithieves, The Aristocrats, and Arkosios Sanctuary. Those three guilds were the "bullies" of Dawnlight City.

However, they were merely random guilds in China's gaming community. Magithieves was something else; they were considered a professional guild in the entirety of China. The guild made its appearance in any viral MMORPG there was. That girl, Lady Casanova herself was already a tough nut to crack. Her husband, Billy Boy was even more… Famous. He had been dubbed as the Demolition Man. His PvP and large-scaled battle skills led players in other games to trash various fortresses, lay waste to cities, wiping maps clean of players! The man was just as infamous as he was invincible.

"Each of you get 50 sets. Take it and go," snapped Southern Azuresword. He was slightly annoyed. If it were not for them, he would already have left Jiang Fei's stall. All the top players in his guild could have been adequately equipped!


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