MMORPG: The Almighty Ring
28 Might of the Tiger
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MMORPG: The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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28 Might of the Tiger

Blazing Hammer!


That was the first time Jiang Fei had ever used his Class skill. Surprisingly, the damage output was pretty good. The skill dealt damage equal to 10% of Jiang Fei's maximum Health Points. Right then, Jiang Fei's maximum Health Points surpassed 2,300. Even with the Defense reduction, Jiang Fei could still deal more than 200 damage! His combat power was almost equal to a Warrior of the same Level. Best of all, Blazing Hammer's cooldown duration was only 10 seconds. It was not too long or too brief, but it could be used as the main attacking skill. If Jiang Fei's regular attack was any higher, he could rival a true Warrior!

Since Jiang Fei's normal attack was so weak, he could only rely on the DoT to cause real damage to the boss. Paired along with Blazing Hammer, Jiang Fei's overall DPS speed was acceptable.

"ROAR!" When the boss' Health Points reached the low 20% threshold, it roared deafeningly, indicating that an ultimate skill was coming.

In an instant, Jiang Fei lost sight of the boss. The boss had suddenly gained an insane burst of speed, causing Jiang Fei to completely miss on all his attacks. That was not all, every time the boss flashed past Jiang Fei, a stream of blood would spew out of Jiang Fei's body, causing more than 70 points of damage.

"What a skill! Too fast!" Jiang Fei grunted. Fortunately for Jiang Fei, he had solid Defense and high Health Points. In just three seconds, the boss had dealt more than 800 damage on Jiang Fei, reducing Jiang Fei's Health Points down to only 30%!

The skill "Blitz Assault" was a skill that attacked all targets at random, with 10 hits in total. On Jiang Fei, each attack dealt around 70 damage. However, if a Cloth Armor player were present, they would have been long dead! That was the reason why these skills were called Ultimates, as they could instantly finish off players.

Jiang Fei had just shrugged off an attack meant for an entire party. The boss was left with only 30% of his Health Points, and he already carried the maximum stack of DoT Bleed. The boss would die, even if Jiang Fei stopped attacking altogether!

"OUuuu…" With a pained wail, the boss dropped to the ground, dead.

"Ding! You have defeated Zaire, the Ferocious Tigermen. Obtained 3,725 Experience Points!"

"Ding! You have obtained 2 Silver coins."

"Ding! You have obtained Linen x15!"

Despite being a boss, it was only the first boss of the dungeon, so it was not particularly tough. Still… the drops were better.

After killing a boss, the game was designed to reward players for their efforts. When Jiang Fei slew the boss, a silver treasure chest had spawned, right at where the boss' corpse was.

"Heck yea. There better be something good inside the chest! It's the first dungeon boss that anyone has ever killed in the game!" Excited, Jiang Fei went on to open the chest, hoping that the system would reward him with something, like a First Kill Achievement or better!

"Pak!" The treasure chest popped open, releasing a brilliant, blue light.

Jiang Fei stood there with his fingers crossed, hoping that it produced the one thing he needed the most.

"Recipe! Recipe! GIMME SOME RECIPES!" cried Jiang Fei, as the blue light faded. A Recipe would instantly propel him to cloud nine. Crafting Epic tier equipment would be a breeze! If he were to be the first to craft the game's first Epic tier equipment, he would be a money printing machine! The embodiment of a walking gold mine!

"F****k!!" cried Jiang Fei with rage when the blue light finally vanished, revealing nothing but an Excellent tier necklace.

Might of the Tiger (Neck, Excellent)

Attack +35

Strength: +3

Agility: +5

Level Requirement: 15

It was just an average grade Excellent equipment. It was not the best amongst the Excellent tier Blue tier equipment, but it was still a necklace! Not only was the drop rate of Accessories %$#@%# low, the Crafting class, Jewel Meister, was just as challenging to play as an Enhancer. It was almost impossible for anyone to take up the class without an entire guild supporting them. That was mainly the reason why not many players were equipped with Accessories.

Although many Level 20 players were on the Level Ranking Board, those players still had all five of their Accessory slots empty! That showed just how low the drop rates of Accessories in the game were.

"I'll hold onto this for now," said Jiang Fei, sulking. No matter how precious the necklace was, it was a Level 15 equipment that Jiang Fei could not yet equip.

After the first boss, all the monsters that spawned had changed from Tigermen to Bearmen.

Demonized Bearman (Humanoid, Normal)

Level: 16

Health Point: 1,500

Attack Power: 120

Note: Berserk and Demonized for an unknown reason. Low threat level.

"Nothing new…" Jiang Fei shrugged and proceeded to attack.

Blazing Hammer!


The Bearmen were surprisingly stronger than the Tigermen!




The two Bearmen swung at the same time and dealt some damage to Jiang Fei. It was a low amount, but their attacks were strong enough to break through Jiang Fei's defense. Fortunately, they were marked slower; they only attacked once every three seconds.

"Ding! You have defeated Demonized Bearman! Obtained 675 Experience Points!"

"Ding! You have defeated Demonized Bearman! Obtained 675 Experience Points!"

"Tsk. Things will be slightly harder now…" said Jiang Fei. After the battle with the two Bearmen, Jiang Fei was only left with 15% Health Points. The dungeon had overwhelmed Jiang Fei's Lifesteal.

"Thank god I brought some potions."

After earning more than 400 gold coins from the equipment he crafted, Jiang Fei had bought the necessary item that an adventurer would carry around at all times; potions. With the money in hand, Jiang Feig had started to behave like the rich girls in his guild, spending a total of 30 gold coins worth of Health Potions in one shot. Still, 30 gold coins worth of potion was only five stacks. Each potion healed 50 Health Points in the span of 10 seconds. Each stack had 30 bottles, at 20 silver coins each. It was equivalent to one of Jiang Fei's White tier equipment!

"Argh Screw it all. What's the use of having them sit around and gather dust?!" groaned Jiang Fei, setting the potion on the hotkey bar and proceeding deeper into the dungeon

"Come and taste my steel hammer!" He roared, charging headlong into a massive group.

Like an open faucet, Jiang Fei continuously spammed his potions. The price was steep, but it had been worth it. Standing among the corpses, Jiang Fei stood, basking in the afterglow of yet another recent Level up. He had reached Level 14!


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