MMORPG: The Almighty Ring
30 The Strongest Tank
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MMORPG: The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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30 The Strongest Tank

"Ding! Congratulations! Player Verdure Glider's level has increased to 15! All stats +1. Obtained 5 Attribute Points!"

Along with the system's announcement, Jiang Fei received 50,000 Experience Points and 1 gold coin. It could be considered as the reward for being the first person to clear the dungeon. With such abundant Experience Points, Jiang Fei leveled up once again. He had achieved Level 15. 1 dungeon for 3 levels could only be achieved by soloing it!

"Ding! Obtained 9 silver coins!"

"Ding! Obtained Linen x20!"

Apparently, this boss was also an Elite-grade monster. It had nothing good to offer. The big prize should still coming through from the treasure chest!


With a sudden flash of white light, the boss' corpse disappeared. A golden treasure chest replaced it!

"Recipe! Recipe!" Jiang Fei chanted to himself as he approached the treasure chest.

"Swish!" After a sudden, blue flash of light, Jiang Fei was once again left disappointed! It was no Recipe!

Power of the Wild Bear (Offhand: Shield, Excellent)

Physical Defense +50

Magical Defense +20

Parry Rating +5

Strength: +5

Vitality: +5

Level requirement: 15

"Not bad!"

Although Jiang Fei had not acquired any Recipes, he was still rather content. As a crafting class, Jiang Fei could only equip the Blacksmith Hammer. However, his secondary weapon slot was empty. He may not be able to wield offensive-type weapons. Even so, he was able to put on a life-saving shield!

Jiang Fei withdrew the previous, Blue necklace from his bag and equipped it. It was not exactly eye-catching, but the shield drew as much attention as one could imagine!

It was humongous -- almost half the size of a man! Emblazoned on its center was the image of a roaring bear on its hinds. The shield emitted a cold, silver metallic gleam. Holding it in front of one's body would instill a sense of heartfelt, confident security!

After adding all five ability points into the Vitality attribute, Jiang Fei stepped back to survey his final results!

Name: Verdure Glider

Level: 15

Class: Beginner Blacksmith Level 2

Experience Points: 1,730/125,000

Health Points: 2,921/2,921

Mana Points: 350/350

Physical Attack Power: 70+35

Physical Defense: 97+210

Magic Defense: 70+20

A short half hour later in another Normal mode Dungeon, Jiang Fei had gained another three levels. Suffice to say, his stats had increased drastically! His Health Points was almost at the 3,000 mark. His Physical Defense had exceeded 300. He might not be the number one tank in the world, but no one else throughout the entirety of Dawnlight City could possibly be more of a tank than Jiang Fei!

"Ding! "Deep in the Night Forest" (Normal) has been completed. After 30 seconds, you will be teleported out of the dungeon!"

When Jiang Fei was teleported out of the dungeon, his buddy list was flickering non-stop. All four magnates had sent him messages inquiring about the dungeon's location, one after another. Jiang Fei merely ran his eyes across the list. He did not reply to any of them. Not only was the private message channel flooded, the guild channel of Rosette Knighthood was in just as much disarray!

"Cutie! You're so awesome!" Rosette Miaomiao was the first to shout in the Knighthood's channel. She could care less about him being a crafting class or a combat class. Anyway, she was always the first to kick up a fuss!

"Not bad! Brother Glider, hiding your light under a bushel!" Rosette Rose sent a voice message via private message channel. The tone was subtle and profound.

"Wow! It looks like we have a great expert in our clan!"

"That's true! A crafting class could actually be this incredible!"

"Handsome, please take me in as your mistress!"

"Wicked girl, get out of the way. Cutie bro hit my fancy first!"

When Rosette Miaomiao started the conversation, the channel of Rosette Knighthood blew up. Two women could easily match the quacking of hundreds of ducks. Imagine having more than 40 girls in the Knighthood!

Let us not even talk about girls who knew each other in real life. There would be no holds barred, no censorship, no filters. Even being on the same chat channel as them was enough to send Jiang Fei blushing!

"Cutie bro, you can't pocket the profits without sharing with anyone else. All our pretty girls are counting on you! Don't you agree?" Rosette Rose suddenly switched into that characteristically coquettish tone, reaching out to Jiang Fei via private message.

"Ma'am, can we just talk like regular humans?"

That tone always gave Jiang Fei a major headache.

"Fine! I don't care how you became so insanely strong. Regardless, you can't keep the dungeon all for yourself. Look, the girls in the clan deserve a cut of it!"

Whenever Rosette Rose got down to serious business, she transformed into a stern, older woman!

"Yeah, I got it. The location is at XXX, XXX. You might need a fair bit of people!"

Jiang Fei quickly accepted the offer. However, he reentered the dungeon only to find it empty!

After going through the system notes, he finally learned that the dungeon would only be refreshed on the second day. In other words, if Jiang Fei intended to clear the dungeon once again, he could only challenge the Elite mode or Heroic mode. The Normal mode of the dungeon would have to wait for tomorrow!

Jiang Fei had only been able to solo-raid the dungeon in Normal mode with extreme risk. It was almost impossible to go through the dungeon in Elite mode, let alone Heroic mode. Jiang Fei had just managed to clear the Normal difficulty. However, he never got to meet the quest NPC Moliere. Apparently, this Moliere could only be found in the higher difficulties of the dungeon! Jiang Fei needed teammates, and the girls within the Knighthood just happened to be the ideal candidates!

"Alright! We'll arrive in no time!"

Rosette Rose immediately mobilized all the girls in the Knighthood. That pretty tailor aside, the others had streamed towards the Night Forest!

Many were already wandering about in the Night Forest. The dungeon name had clearly stated, "Deep in the Night Forest." It did not take rocket science to deduce that it was somewhere in the Night Forest. All the big guilds had already sent scouts to the location!

Since so many were already searching for the dungeon, Rosette Rose's sudden entry with her band of sisters did not seem out of the ordinary. Jiang Fei had given them the precise coordinates. Even if the dungeon was well-hidden, it would only be a matter of time before this group of ladies met up with Jiang Fei.

"Wow! Cutie, you really went ahead and did it!"

The moment Rosette Miaomiao saw Jiang Fei, she ran up to him. She walked around Jiang Fei, surveying him from head to toe, left and right, as if she did not recognize him!

"Wow! I've never quite noticed it before, but you actually look pretty good!"

At that moment, Rosette Fox came up as well. She started prodding his body with her fair, white hands. Among the girls of the Knighthood, Rosette Fox was probably the most brazen of them all.

Well, after changing upgrading into the angular, functional looking Bronze equipment set and slinging an iron shield over his back, Jiang Fei's overall outlook had changed. However, the Blacksmith Hammer having off his waist seemed to be a little nondescript!

"Ah, let's cut the chatter. Ma'am, we can't sit around for long. Give me nine of your best. We'll be fighting to be the first party to clear the dungeon in Elite mode!"

Right now, Jiang Fei was not in the mood. The four big guilds had been incessantly bugging him about the location of the dungeon. It was a known fact that the Night Forest was rather small for a map. Someone was bound to come across the dungeon soon. If not for that risk, Jiang Fei would have already headed back to the city to forge a Blue grade Raider's Breastplate for himself. But, priorities were priorities!


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