Monster Factory
Chapter 379: Now that“s a real sintering
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Monster Factory
Author :The sheathed sword
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Chapter 379: Now that“s a real sintering

The more you think you have an understanding of something in technology, the easier it is to think you are seeing the wrong thing after seeing something that you cannot understand.

Kobayashi and his colleagues thought that the Japanese University of Science and Technology far surpassed Shanghai University in the research of powder metallurgy technology. Then, after seeing Ye Qing's blending technique as if adjusting pigments, he felt very funny.

High-purity alcohol has volatile properties and can theoretically act as a humidifying agent. However, when it is used in various metal and non-metal powders, chemical reactions may occur and the density of the powder will increase because the embryo is compressed by the hydraulic machine and the phenomenon that the internal alcohol cannot be completely volatilized. So, in order to solve this problem, it is necessary to put the embryos on the shelf for a long time to let the alcohol completely evaporate.

This is a waste of time and a natural placement. After the embryo is dried, it may appear slightly deformed, increasing the rate of product failure. For that, this technique has long been eliminated on their side and changed to a special humidification fluid. There are also mixtures in this laboratory, there are only backward ball mills, but now the three-dimensional motion mixer is the standard equipment in the first-class laboratory.

There are too many bad points, insist on not make complaints about it!

Kobayashi had a feeling of backward feeling when he came to the university laboratory thirty years ago.

Ye Qing sneered at the Japan University of Technology team and ignored the mocking eyes, mixed five main powders by himself, and then put them into ring molds with different specifications using a hydraulic press to die-cast into five circles with different sizes. The smallest round accessory was only the size of a wine bottle cap, and the largest was similar to a bracelet. If you measure their diameters, you will find that these rings are from small to large, and the outside of each ring is slightly larger than the one above.

"Are you doing the Olympic rings?" Tanaka smiled indifferently: "The 2020 Olympics will be held in our country. Speaking of the location of the opening ceremony [New National Arena], the mechanical automation system in it is still made by our responsible school for the design."

An industrial microscope used to observe the micropore structure on the surface of the material was adjusted by Ye Qing. The microscope was then used to observe. Ye Qing used a micrometer to carefully measure the size of each round embryo while using a knife on the edge of each blank, a semi-arc concave and convex surface like a gear was carved.

After the engraving was completed, Ye Qing assembled the five-ring sleeves accurately and then recast them with a hydraulic press. Those half arcs concave and convex surfaces are magically fused together after being cast and pressed by the hydraulic press with a pressure of 500 tons.

Without giving them time to appreciate, the embryos were assembled, and they were directly sent by Ye Qing to the pre-heated vacuum sintering furnace and everyone watched nervously as the temperature of the sintering oven increased. Ye Qing looked at the watch on his left hand and calmly said: "Wait another twelve minutes."

"Do you want me to count the time for you?" Kobayashi flaunted and raised his left hand, showing a silver-white dial, a matt black metal strap watch, shaking: Seiko Minute Repeater mechanical watch with chronograph Stopwatch function, daily travel time error is controlled within 0.5 seconds. "


Ye Qing dragged his sleeves to unveil this piece in his hand. There is only a piece of Patek Philippe 2499 red gold series handed down in the world. Some difficult words said: "No...use it."

Some opposing atmosphere which lasted until the vacuum arc furnace was re-injected with protective nitrogen to balance the internal and external atmospheric pressure before they were broken by great tension.

"It will definitely break into glass." Kobayashi whispered in the ears of Tanaka's ears, not worrying they would be turned over.

Ye Qing smiled, wearing insulating gloves and using special pliers, from which a fiery red disk with a shape similar to jade Bi was pinched out. The fiery red disk is like a magnet, instantly attracting everyone's attention, and there was a sound of inhalation in the powder metallurgy laboratory.

"It's not broken?"

Professor Kobayashi rubbed his eyes. What a surprise.

When an object is heated, due to the heat transfer of the material, if there is a crack in the object it will appear a very obvious black gap. But the fiery red disc in front of him was completely a whole.

The flaming red disc faded away the residual heat bit by bit. A touch of emerald green appeared first on the outermost periphery of the disc. Under the hot halo around, the verdant green on the outermost periphery became exceptionally transparent, glittering like the crystal luster of jade. Then the second fiery red faded away, and the silver-white metal outline made Kobayashi's eyeballs more and more inflated during the gaze. Then the third purple, then the fourth white and the fifth transparent...

Green, silver, purple, white, transparent. Five different colors were combined together, they were intertwined with each other, and they were natural. Silver and white were metallic materials and the remaining three were non-metallic materials.

The sintering between different metals is already a big piece of high-end technology. But Ye Qing was now holding five different colors and different kinds of sintering.

The laboratory lights just gave it a hazy, five-color luster. As the fiery redness of the last point faded, this exquisite disc seemed to be alive, with life flowing inside.

"Impossible!" Tanaka, who had shown two metals sintered in the afternoon, jumped up, not only breathing, but even thinking. There was no gap, and it is natural.

"The melting point between zinc metal and quartz is sufficiently different by 1150 degrees. I want quartz to be sintered into a transparent color. The zinc metal with a melting point of only 420 degrees has long been melted into a pile of waste. This is not in line with science."

"You said it was pure zinc, but don't you know that the most common way to use zinc is to mix it with other metals and become an alloy?"

"I don't believe it, then tell me. Even if it is a zinc alloy, how can it be perfectly combined with quartz?"

There is not so much why, after the five-color disc cools down, Ye Qing directly handed it over to the Japan University of Technology and they put the five-color disc under the industrial microscope without hesitation and looked at it with the thorniest eyes still unable to find any cracks in it.

Now, Shanghai University is caught in the joy of tasting the fairy fruits of Pan Taoyuan.

The HIT of the Japan University of Science and Technology could get into the five-color disk and glance at the expression of the mystery of the atomic structure inside, making them cool from the bottom of the foot to the heavenly cover.

Is it better? How many times is the sintering of five materials compared to the sintering of two materials?

This is not the difficulty between metal and non-metal, and it is not at an altitude, and the Himalaya cannot even close the gap between the sky and the valley.

"Isn't that enough?" Yun Tianjie, a freshman, walked in front of his classmate Tanaka as a winner.

"Hey... Loser, you should fulfill your promise and apologize to us."
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