My Beautiful Commander
-3 Glossary
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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-3 Glossary


*Empires& Kingdoms*

Qilin empire: homeland of the main characters

National emblem- fire

Imperial family- Xuan family

Currency-gold, silver and coppers.

Azure kingdom:

National emblem- clouds

Imperial family- Wang family

Currency- silver, coppers and bronze

Economically weak and a vassal state of Qilin empire.

Cluster lands:

-Union of independent kingdoms and each has its own ruler.

-A Chief Commander is selected from all the kingdoms and he leads the army into war.

-Kings are governing bodies and military is manged by generals and commanders without the influence of royalty.

National emblem: 'closed fist' indicating unity

Currency: gold, silver and copper.


Twin islands:

National emblem- fish

Imperial family- Yu family

Currency: coppers

Pearl Isles Island:

National emblem-Sea shell

Imperial family- Shui family


Willow woods:

Thick and dense forests

They call themselves as willows and do not allow outsiders to enter their territory

Cover their bodies with leaves and skilled in hunting.

Barbarian lands:

- The biggest of all in terms of area and population

- Cluster of different tribes

- Constant internal fights to gain supremacy over other tribes

Currency: Barter system

Ice lands:

Lands completely covered by ice through out the year.

Main source of river for Qilin kingdom

Sand dunes:

Desert with vast expanse of sands.

Boiling hot through out the year.

Currency value:

1 gold= 100 silvers

1 silver= 100 coppers

1 copper= 100 bronze


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