My Beautiful Commander
-2 Cultural details
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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-2 Cultural details

List of traditional weapons used by different empires in this novel

Sword, Dagger, Whip, Bow, Cross bow, Sling, Darts, Spike, Spear, Shield, Blow guns, axes, fans, Armors.

List of gods and festivals:

Gods: Agni, God of fire

Iton, God of wind

Ison& Isyn, God and Goddess of war

Heia, Goddess of beauty and marriage

Carus, God of sea

Pynir, God of sky

Bina, Goddess of education

Zodia,Goddess of destiny

Nagini, Goddess of snakes and destruction


Sea festival:

- celebrated on the sands of beaches

- a huge sand idol of god Carus is built and is decorated by shells

- people sing and dance in the evening

- lanterns are lit and released marking the end of the day

Fire festival/new year:

- People burn the waste in their homes symbolizing the end of past and beginning of future.

- Food and clothes are distributed by the emperor through out the empire on that day to ensure prosperity the whole year.

Istar/ tribute to Isyn, goddess of war:

- Drums, Conches and horns are used to make sounds of war on that day as a form of tribute to the goddess.

- Many competitions are held on that day in the capital of the empire.

- Winners of the competition receive many benefits and are recognized as warriors by everyone

Maiden day:

-celebrated on the 15th day after new year/ fire festival

- unmarried girls worship Heia in hopes of good marriage and light oil lamps in their homes

Barbarians have different festivals, I'll post them at the right time..


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