My Beautiful Commander
3 Surrounded 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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3 Surrounded 1

Xia Lian stared at the veiled man intently and she cried out after realising that the man was just staring at the boy in his arms without speaking anything .

"Sir!" On hearing her desperate voice the man came back to his senses and sub-consciously shifted his gaze towards the girl in front of him. Upon scrutinizing her he found that her entire body is covered with wounds and most of them have dried up. Her tattered clothes are the best proof that she had been continuously escaping their assassin's pursuit. He then looked towards her legs and frowned.

He found that the part of the dress covering her legs is completely drenched in blood. Her white robes were now in the shades red and brown. According to common sense this girl shouldn't be able to walk. He was sure that her entire body is in extreme pain after seeing the degree of injuries on her body. He was not able to continue watching her pitiful state and he wanted to carry her so that she will not feel any pain..

But, men and women are supposed to keep their distance. No matter how young the girl is, it would do no good if she is seen being carried by a random man. Looking at her, she seemed to be 12 or 13 years old, an age suitable for marriage talks and engagement. He cannot carelessly carry her in his arms and if anyone sees them it may damage her reputation. So, he immediately dropped the idea.

" Can you walk?" he could not help but worry about the girl. Afterall, she was gravely injured. Showing concern to the injured is the basic courtesy.

" I can manage. Please don't worry about me." Xia Lian replied gratefully and her response made the man push away all his worries back from his head. He tilted his head and noticed her brilliant and determined eyes looking at him.

He found those pair of eyes too dazzling and on realizing that he was getting attracted by those eyes he quickly turned his head away.

" Follow me.. There is a village at the end of this forest. We can get your brother treated there." the man spoke unhurriedly as he paced forward.

Xia Lian nodded and tried to increase her pace to keep up with him. He was moving too fast and her originally weak body was not able to take it anymore. Due to the sudden movement she hissed and bit her lower lip to bear the pain.

Despite her voice being low, the man heard her and stopped walking. She noticed his movements and looked at him with a puzzled expression.

" What happened?" Xia Lian asked him with a concerned expression on her face. She didn't know why he stopped suddenly. He stared at her legs and there was a clear frown written on his face. She was not able to see his expressions because of the veil which is clearly covering his face completely.

The man did not answer her and shifted the little boy in his arms to his back and tied him securely to his body with a rope and a cloth. He adjusted the kid's arms around his neck. Xia Lian watched all his actions with a bewildered expression. Why is he tying her brother on his back? She was truly unable to comprehend the situation before her.

" Girl, do not blame me.. I am doing this for your own good." the man before her suddenly bent forward and lifted Xia Lian by the waist and carried her like a princess. Xia Lian was petrified and she was unable to react for a while.

She might seem like a thirteen year old young girl but her soul is twenty years old. So, she subconsciously shrieked " You.." But, her words stopped in the middle as she felt that she was being unreasonable here. She had never been close to a man before and this was the reason for her exaggerated reaction before. In her past life, she never loved anyone and dedicated her time entirely to the military. But she did not say anything more because the current circumstances didn't allow her to find fault in him. He was truly helping her she would seem like an ungrateful wench if she said anything unreasonable.

Anyways, now she was in the body of a young girl. So, what right did she have to find fault with him? Feeling unsettled, She glared at him sharply before retracting her gaze " I'm sorry and.. thank.. you.."

On seeing her panicked eyes and how she quickly calmed herself, the man could not help but raise the corners of his lips.

Of course, Xia Lian missed his reaction..

The man did not speak anything and started walking with increased speed. Xia Lian sub-consciously gripped his outer robes tightly with her hand.

The man's smile deepened under his veil.

" Girl, how are you reduced to this state?" the man asked with an amused voice. He was really curious about what happened to this pair of brother and sister.

Xia Lian knitted her brows as she heard his words. ' Is this guy teasing her?' she wondered but quickly brushed away her thoughts as he saved her. She had already misunderstood his good intentions more than once and she hated herself for doubting her benefactor.

" My father's guards are playing hide and seek with me and my little brother.." Xia Lian spoke ambiguously. She cannot speak about her ordeal openly with a stranger. He might have saved their lives, but she cannot tell the truth carelessly. Her and the little one's lives are in danger and one single mistake could completely wipe them away. But, she can tell the gist of it to vent her anger. So, she spoke in such way. Since her father is shameless, do not blame her ah!

The man naturally understood her underlying meaning and suddenly laughed loudly " Oh.. Now I understand.."The man suddenly stopped his sentence in middle. Xia Lian and the man both glanced at the same direction instantly at the same time.

Xia Lian's gaze turned razor sharp. The man noticed her sharp gaze and felt surprised in his heart.

'How can this girl at such a tender age sense her enemies... Even I started sensing my enemies at the age of 15.. Or am I thinking deeply.. she must have accidentally looked..'he consoled himself trying to find a possible explanation for her actions.

But the little girl's next words stopped his assumptions and stunned him completely..

" We are surrounded.. Put me down."


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