My Beautiful Commander
7 Stunned silly
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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7 Stunned silly

They were secretly following their general to protect him and did not make their presence known.

When they heard the sounds of a fight, they quickly climbed the trees to see the muddle head who dared to attack their general.

But they were surprised on seeing that little girl kill those highly trained guards with a single move even in her injured state...

Since they are all hot blooded men they were clearly excited on seeing her moves. So they secretly cheered for the young girl, neglecting their own general.

When she pushed their general out of the way to protect him from harm, they recognized her in their hearts.

They were stunned on seeing their cold and expressionless general panic for the first time in his life. This young lady was the first one to make their general's poker face show a human expression..

Furthermore she was the first girl that their general touched.. He always kept his distance from women.. So, what is this situation ah!

They were confused on seeing their almighty leader hurry away on the horse.. And they were stunned silly after hearing his orders..

" Is our general serious?" one of the men opened his mouth in shock.

" It's the first time our general is concerned about a girl.." another one chirped in.

" But I must say that the girl is more fierce than our young master at that age.. Though her facial features are not clear due to the injuries, her skills and temperament is admirable.. If our young master likes her it is also good.." the youngest one in their troop spoke seriously.

"Stop talking nonsense. Did you not see that the girl is injured. Our general saved them. So it's natural that he is trying to protect them" the man who received the orders spoke slowly and closed his mouth when he saw the 'You do not know anything about love' expression on his comrades faces.

" Chief, you are green in matters of love. For now you should think about yourself or I fear you will die lonely."

The man who was addressed as chief looked at them with a foolish expression " What about myself?"

The soldiers around him pitied him " Chief, General said that you have to convince that flamboyant young master at any rate. "

" Don't worry about that. I know of a way to convince him. " the man mounted his horse and looked at the group behind him " Wait here for general to return. I will complete my mission quickly and meet you at camp."

"All the best, chief " the men cheered.

After the horse left their sight, this group of young soldiers started their lively discussion again..

On the other side, Xuan Li Wei had no idea that this men were making up such nonsense about him and the girl.. If he had listened to those words, he would have surely increased their special training hours..

An old man was busily sowing the seeds in his small field. He heard the sound of someone approaching on a horse and lifted his head.

He found a young man wearing a veil riding towards his direction. He squinted his eyes and noticed that there are two injured kids with him.

He immediately got up and sprinted towards them. Xuan Li Wei handed him the boy and he personally carried the girl into the hut.

" This old sir, please check their condition. I heard that you are the only doctor in this village." Xuan Li Wei looked at the old man.

" Don't worry about the cost of treatment."

The old man hurriedly shook his head while examining the boy ." Money is not an issue.. This boy is suffering from fever. Feed this to the boy, he is not in immediate danger."

Xuan Li Wei took the medicine bowl from his hands and slowly fed it to the boy.

The old man frowned while checking Xia Lian. Xuan Li Wei noticed his frown, so he immediately asked " What happened?"


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