My Beautiful Commander
9 Don“t forget your promise, OK
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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9 Don“t forget your promise, OK

" Chief, why should I deal with the prime minister Xia for a little girl?" a young man sitting in a luxurious mansion looked menacingly at a certain chief before him.

But, the chief did not flinch and smiled as if he expected this situation.

'How many times did I not see this young master throwing a tantrum? Time for the bait..' he smirked.

Looking at his smirk, the young man stuttered " W.. What?"

" If you do well this time, our general told me that he will treat you for dinner and wine." he calmly stated.

" I don't care.. I'm not falling for your cheap tricks..." the young master stopped in the middle realizing something.

'Bait successfully taken..' the chief danced in his heart.

" Is it true? Will he really treat me ?" the young man looked at the chief with large puppy dog eyes as if asking for assurance.

" Yes, young master." the chief's mouth twitched. 'How did this young master turn so hopeless.'

" Alright, leave this matter to me." the young man regained his spirits and looked at the chief with confident eyes " I will take care of him. He will not disturb that girl again."

"I'll consider this matter finished." The chief bowed slightly to take his leave.

But, as he reached the door, he heard the young man's voice again " Don't forget to remember your general about his promise, ok?"

' What promise? I only said it to convince this man.. Now I have to convince my general' just thinking about their general's reaction after hearing about this made him shiver involuntarily.

Xia residence:

" Dear, did your men get rid of those two bastards?" Lin Rong asked Xia Jiang while caressing his face.

" They should be dead by now. But, none of my men reported back to me." Xia Jiang thought for a while.

" I don't care if they are dead or alive. But if anyone knows that I planned to kill my own children, it will be a huge threat to my position in the palace."

" Husband, there is no way that anyone other than us can know about it. Keep your heart at ease" Lin Rong spoke gently near his ear.

Xia Jiang felt his whole body being relaxed after hearing her sweet and gentle voice.

" I'll visit you tonight" Xia Jiang smiled at her.

" Husband.." Lin Rong shyly bit her lip.

Xia Jiang raised his hand to caress her face, when a series of urgent knocks interrupted his action.

" What is it?" Xia Jiang felt annoyed as they were disturbed.

" Master, a person from the Sacred order visited our manor."

" What did you say?" Xia Jiang abruptly stood up.

" He said that he is from sacred order and wishes to speak with you." the guard replied nervously.

The Sacred order is a secret organization and their leader is known to be ruthless. No one knows his real identity. All that is known is that he appears in a purple robe wearing a golden mask.

Furthermore and most importantly that those who provoke him will meet a scary and violent death.

In Qilin empire, one can maintain their own army and can start secret organizations as long as they do not harm the throne. They exist as independent powers. Many such organizations are there but the sacred order is the most dangerous of them all. Even the emperor fears them and respects them.

' But, why are they here?' Xia Jiang sub-consciously shivered.

At his side, Lin Rong is already petrified as she heard stories about the horrible fates of those who provoked the sacred order.


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