My Beautiful Commander
12 House arres
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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12 House arres

Lin Rong felt anxious and immediately panicked " Husband, you cannot bring them back to the Xia Mansion again."

" We carefully executed the plan. So, what if we missed in our first attempt. We have many other methods to get rid of them."

" Husband, think carefully.. the sacred order just pledged for her and she can use them in any way to control us. So we must eliminate her as soon as possible." Lin Rong desperately tried to persuade him.

Xia Jiang glanced coldly at her causing her next words to be stuck in her throat.

" Lin Rong, she has sacred order in her hands now. Aren't you thinking too highly about yourself?"

" With sacred order she can kill our entire family. That is the reason we have to bring her back to home."

" Once she comes back, I can manipulate her and use her according her to my wishes. That dumb girl will listen to all of my words."

" Didn't the sacred order promise to listen to her words without any hesitation. They will deeply regret it later and I will make use of them." Xia Jiang spoke while tapping his fingers on the table.

" So we have to bring her back and coax her. That stupid girl loves me and believes me. So I can convince her that her mother did something wrong and that's why I had to kill her."

Xia Jiang's voice became colder by few degrees " We can use her as a pawn for our own benefits and gain insights into our enemy."

" By using the sacred order's name, we can provide a good life for our Xia Feiyan and our son Xia Jingli. Think about our children and don't do anything stupid."

Lin Rong calmed down but the thought of having to see the offspring of that witch Hua Ming Yu made her angry.

Seeing that as she was still not appeased, Xia Jiang immediately ordered his servants " Take the madam away and lock her in her courtyard. She is to not step outside or come into contact with anyone until I say otherwise."

" You can't do this" Lin Rong stared at Xia Jiang with disbelief.

" Drag her away.." Xia Jiang coldly spat those words and left the room.


" Big sis.. " a child pitifully cried.

On hearing the child's cries, the old man who is sitting outside rushed inside.

After entering the room he saw the boy crying near the bed where the girl is sleeping.

Xia Lian felt her head aching terribly and the pain increased after hearing someone crying. ' Who is crying?' Xia Lian wanted to open her eyes but no matter how hard she tried, her eyelids refused to move..

The old man saw her eyebrows twitching and looked at her carefully while figuring if she can open her eyes or not..

Feeling exhausted Xia Lian stopped trying to move her eyes and her eyebrows relaxed.. Xia Lian once again fell into a deep sleep..

The old man sighed and patted the little boy " Little one, you should not cry.. Your sister will be alright and she will wake up after a few days.."

The little boy raised his head and looked at the old man with teary eyes..

" Are you telling me truth?"

The old man puts a gentle face and coaxed him " Your sister is sleeping. She is very tired, so let her sleep well. She will wake up later. So, don't cry and disturb her.."

Xia Ming nodded like a pecking hen and pondered for a while.

' Yes.. sister should rest well.. I will not cry.. I will stay here and guard her..' he decided resolutely.

Then Xia Ming slowly pulled a wooden stool near Xia Lian's bed and sat on it.

Afterwards he placed his little hand into Xia Lian's hands . Xia Ming looked at his sister ignoring the old man while holding her hands tightly.

The old man felt amused on seeing the boy's actions and relaxed after seeing that he stopped crying. The old man smiled while watching this harmonious scene and left the hut shortly after to continue his work.


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