My Beautiful Commander
13 Herbal master 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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13 Herbal master 1

On the sixth day after her suddenly fainting Xia Lian slowly opened her eyes. But she immediately squinted her eyes due to the bright sunlight. She blinked her eyes a few times as she saw a series of blurry images.

Xia Lian kneaded her temples to relieve the still ongoing headache. After adjusting her pupils to the brightness of the day she opened her eyes and scanned her surroundings.

They are currently in a straw hut. She immediately turned her head to see her brother's condition. There he was sleeping next to her holding her tightly. Xia Lian's heart warmed on seeing him.

Xia Lian touched his forehead to examine his temperature. On sensing that his body temperature is normal, Xia Lian relaxed a bit. The little one was sleeping soundly and his peaceful expression calmed Xia Lian's turbulent heart.

He really looked like a cute bunny to her. The thought that this little brother of hers is too cute to resist was deeply integrated in ger mind.. So Xia Lian pinched his cheeks lightly.

She was truly afraid on that day as she did not know where she was or where to go. The panic still lingered in her mind after seeing his high fever. Fever is not scary.. But, a weak three year old having such high fever is truly dangerous. In this era, where medicine is not so advanced it may lead to death. Right now she was curious about who treated them.

' Eh! Where is that veiled man? Is he here? I need to thank him properly.' Xia Lian suddenly remembered that mysterious man who saved them from death.

So, she slowly lifted the little boy's hand from her waist. She truly did not want to disturb his sleep.

" Little dumpling, have a nice beauty sleep.." Xia Lian lightly kissed his cheeks and slowly sat up. But she felt that world around her is spinning and steadied herself. She looked at her body and found that most of her wounds are healed. She tried to move her hands and found that she felt no pain in moving them.

Xia Lian was truly surprised. The only knowledge in her possession was about modern medicinal practices and she knew very little about herbs.

Xia Lian only heard that ancient herbal medicines are very effective and they treat the root of the disease unlike the modern medicines which simply treat the symptoms. But now she truly believed that ancient medicine is good as she saw that her brother's fever was completely reduced and even her wounds started to form scabs. Xia Lian decided to talk with the person who treated them.

But a sound disturbed her train of thoughts. Xia Lian's stomach started to growl..' Hungry.. too hungry.. How many days did I sleep without eating anything?' Xia Lian frowned and rubbed her stomach.

On hearing the movements in the room, a middle aged lady entered the bed room. On seeing that Xia Lian woke up, the woman smiled at her " Girl, how are you feeling?"

Xia Lian saw the woman and smiled politely " Aunt, most of my body is healed and even the pain has greatly reduced. Even my brother's fever is cured."

Xia Lian tried to stand up while speaking " Thank you so much for saving us, aunt." But, she was interrupted by the woman in the middle " Girl, no need to thank us. Sit down. You did not eat anything for the past six days. Let me get you something to eat."

" Sorry for the trouble, aunt." Xia Lian rubbed her nose.

" Aiya.. little girl.. don't be so modest." the woman waved her hand at Xia Lian while leaving the room.

The woman entered the room with a hot bowl of soup " Girl, this herbal soup is good for recovering your strength. Drink it up."

Xia Lian's expression darkened. ' Herbal soup!! Darn it.. Hope it won't be bitter..' . On seeing Xia Lian looking at the bowl of soup as if it's her arch enemy, the woman laughed.. " Girl, don't worry. The soup will not taste as bad as you think."

Xia Lian immediately felt embarrassed and coughed " I did not mean it like that, aunt..." after saying this Xia Lian started drinking the soup.

As soon as she placed the spoon in her mouth, Xia Lian felt a cool sensation in her mouth and the soup tasted a bit spicy and sour..


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