My Beautiful Commander
14 Herbal master 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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14 Herbal master 2

'Yummy..' Xia Lian liked the hot and sour taste of the soup very much. She drank half of the soup as if the bowl is going to disappear in the next moment. The woman sat before her and laughed after seeing her wolfing down the soup.

" Well my dear.. isn't the soup bitter?" the woman teased Xia Lian.

" No aunt.. It's so good.." Xia Lian spoke while drinking the soup.

" Aunt, did my brother eat anything in these past few days?" Xia Lian asked worriedly.

" In the beginning he refused to eat anything until you wake up. But my father-in-law coaxed him to eat by saying that he needed to gain strength and grow up if he wants to protect you. Don't worry, he ate everything I gave him without any complaints."

" Protect me?" Xia Lian is puzzled.

" Dear girl, this little one stayed by your side from the moment he woke up. He did not let go of your hand for the entire time and he always slept beside you hugging you tight. He is scared when he saw you lying on the bed without moving."

" I think he is clearly afraid of losing you."

Xia Lian felt sad after hearing the woman's words. 'He must have been scared to death after seeing his sister like that..' Xia Lian sighed while rubbing the little boy's head. Xia Lian looked at the woman and rubbed her nose " Aunt, I don't know what to call you.."

" You can call me aunt Qian." the middle aged woman smiled.

" Aunt Qian, a man wearing a white veil saved us. Is he still here?" Xia Lian asked expectantly.

" Girl, a veiled man did bring you both here. But, he left on the same day." Aunt Qian remembered something and got up " He spoke something with my father-in-law before he left. My father-in-law asked me to inform him after you woke up. I will go and tell him now." Aunt Qian left the hut after speaking.

Xia Lian felt depressed on knowing that the man left. She didn't even thank him and she fainted without hearing his name.. ' sigh.. leave it dear.. no need to feel bad now.. I'll be grateful to him in my heart..' Xia Lian consoled herself and finished the remaining soup.

While Xia Lian is thinking about the missed opportunity an old grandpa in his late fifties entered the hut. Xia Lian stood up after seeing him enter as she felt better due to drinking the soup.

" Grandpa, thank you for saving us. We are indebted to you." Xia Lian cupped her hands and bowed to the old man.

The old man smiled at her "Girl.. how are you feeling?"

Xia Lian smiled happily " Grandpa.. I am feeling alright now."

The old man nodded and checked her pulse. After confirming that her pulse is stable he took a look at her injuries. Most of the wounds started forming scabs, so he nodded in relief " Girl, you are almost healed. Rest for three days and eat well. Both of your bodies are weak. Eat more eggs and meat..." the old man went on speaking. Xia Lian smiled after feeling his sincere concern and listened the old grandpa patiently.

" Girl, sit down. I need to give you something." the old man brought out a wooden box and handed it to Xia Lian. Xia Lian opened the box curiously and froze on seeing the dagger in the box.

' This is his dagger.. why is it in this box?' Xia Lian looked at the old man. On seeing her blank face, the old man chuckled " Girl, the person who saved you told me to give this dagger to you. He said that it is a parting gift from him. Also, he gave you a pouch of gold. Furthermore don't think too much about the money as it is difficult for a young girl and a boy to live alone without any belongings. "

Xia Lian stared at the old grandpa and then looked at the dagger and the pouch in the wooden box. Xia Lian did not know what she felt at that moment. Her own family tried to kill them and a random stranger cared so much about their lives. Xia Lian decided at that moment that if she found him in the future, she would definitely repay his goodwill..

Xia Lian calmed down and looked at the old man expectantly " Grandpa, did he tell you anything about himself?"

The old man however shook his head " He did not say anything about himself. He left without telling his name. So I don't know anything about him. However, he asked me to find you both a house if you want to stay in this village. He is really worried about the both of you. He is a good man." the old man praised Xuan Li Wei.


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