My Beautiful Commander
15 Herbal Master 3
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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15 Herbal Master 3

Xia Lian nodded and remained quiet.

" Girl, I am called Wu Gong. Do you want to stay in this village? I found a house suitable for the both of you." the old man asked.

Xia Lian looked at her brother. Both of them were currently weak. She wanted to protect her little brother and mold his future carefully. With her previous life's knowledge and experience, she was sure that she can train him well. But, in this world one's future depends on one's own strength. She needed to make herself strong. Also they needed to nurse their weak bodies..

" Grandpa Wu, what is this village called and how far it is from the forest?" Xia Lian looked at the old man.

The old grandpa Wu did not understand why she would ask about the forest specifically. But, he clearly explained to her " Girl, this is Xidi village and the forest is very close to us. Most of us grow vegetables and wild fruits. Some of the villagers go hunting. But, they do not go deep into the forest as there are many wild animals. We are also very far from the city."

Very good!

She can train herself peacefully in the forest..

Xia Lian felt that this small and quiet village is best suitable for them. So, she quickly nodded at the old man " Grandpa Wu, I've decided to stay here for the time being. If we are able to find our relatives we will leave."

The old man felt that this was a reasonable approach so he said " Then shall we go and have a look at the house. If you do not like it we can search for another house."

Xia Lian immediately shook her head " No need Grandpa Wu, we will take the house you selected. Anything is fine with us."

Just finding a house is more than enough! Who wants to be picky.

She really did not want to trouble the old man ah!....

Xia Lian took the money bag in the wooden box and handed it to the old man " Grandpa Wu, I don't know how to thank you for the grace of saving our lives. You even searched a house for us. Please accept this money."

However, the old man shook his head and chuckled " Girl, I do not need money. That man gave me a pouch of gold even when I refused him. I really don't know what to do with so much of money. Keep the money safely with you and don't let anyone know that you are having such a large amount of money. You can live your life well and peacefully with that money."

Xia Lian understood that he was not going to accept the money so she did not ask him again. " Then I have to trouble grandpa Wu to buy the house. I don't know how to complete the process of buying a house so please follow along." Xia Lian was embarrassed in asking an old man to do the work. But she really did not know the procedures in this world.

" Alright, then come with me. We will go to the village head now." the old man stood up. Xia Lian also stood up and straightened her clothes. She took the original body's money pouch and found that there are about twenty silvers in it. Xia Lian had no idea if this is enough to buy a house here. Tying the pouch to her waist, Xia Lian followed the old man Wu.

She could feel that the old man Wu was highly respected in this village as everyone bowed to show their respect to him. Grandpa Wu greeted everyone back without losing his patience.

" Doctor Wu, your medicine is wonderful. My son's rashes have disappeared completely. Thank you very much doctor." a man bowed and sincerely expressed his gratitude.

Old man Wu also spoke a few words with him before walking away. Xia Lian admired him for not being proud and was convinced that this grandpa Wu is very good at medicine after seeing the reactions of the villagers.

' I should talk with grandpa Wu and if he is willing to teach me, I should learn about herbs from him..' Xia Lian thought as she followed the elderly person.

" Doctor Wu.." a warm voice greeted them. Xia Lian raised her head and saw a middle aged man dressed in simple robes smiling at them. His hair was neatly combed and tied up. He had the look and air of a scholar.

" Village head Lan Chun.." grandpa Wu smiled in return. Xia Lian also paid her respects. Lan Chun smiled at Xia Lian and looked at the old man " Doctor Wu, is this visit about the house?"

" Yes, we have come to take the house. Can we complete the procedures now." grandpa Wu directly talked business.

" Of course.." Lan Chun led them into a small room. Xia Lian paid 8 silvers for the house along with the land. Xia Lian observed the registration process and figured that the process is very easy. After completing the purchase the elderly took Xia Lian to see the new house.


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