My Beautiful Commander
16 Herbal master 4
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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16 Herbal master 4

Xia Lian examined the house in front of her. It had a small place for plantations. The house had a kitchen, a bedroom with attached bath and another room. It was furnished in a very basic manner. Overall Xia Lian was satisfied with the house.

'Home.. Sweet home..' Xia Lian smiled happily in her heart. Now she had to clean her house and decorate it a little..

" Grandpa Wu this house is very much to my liking. Thank you so much for helping us and sorry for the trouble.." Xia Lian bowed to the old man.

The elderly smiled and shook his head " This girl.. you are so modest ah!."

Xia Lian looked at him " Grandpa Wu, I will move here after two days. Is that ok with you?". Xia Lian needed to go buy some things before moving in. But she can't trouble Grandpa Wu's family for too long..

" Aiya.. You can move slowly.. What's the hurry... Don't take us for outsiders" grandpa Wu rebuked her. Xia Lian smiled while rubbing her nose. Both of them returned and the elderly went to the field to do his work.

Xia Lian found that her little brother is still sleeping. So she looked around the old man's house. Xia Lian found a pile of handwritten note books on one side.

Books always attracted her.. Xia Lian was a bookworm in her previous life..

So, she immediately took a book and started to read. Xia Lian was surprised to see that the book in her hands contained all the detailed information about herbs. So Xia Lian chose another book about the processing of herbs into powders and pills. Xia Lian realised that every book was signed by Wu Gong at the beginning.

"So, all these are written by grandpa Wu.." Xia Lian mumbled while going through the books.

But what piqued Xia Lian's interest is that one of the books contained detailed information on surgical methods. This book was not completed and the knowledge on surgery was also very little.

But in this era having an idea of surgery was already very rare and Xia Lian was sure that this grandpa Wu should be considered a medical genius.. or rather a herbal master..

Xia Lian decided that she should learn from grandpa Wu. So after pondering for a while and encouraging herself to ask the good old man Xia Lian went outside looking for grandpa Wu. She found him sitting on a small bench and decided to take the place right next to him. The elderly just smiled expectantly " Girl, do you need something?"

Xia Lian didn't beat around the bush and clearly explained her objective " Grandpa Wu I saw your medical books in the corner of the room. I can understand that you are a person of great knowledge so I want to learn from you. Can you accept me as a disciple?"

Grandpa Wu was shocked at her request and his body froze. Xia Lian didn't understand why he remained silent, so she continued " Grandpa Wu, I know a little about medicine from my master. He taught me many things before passing away. When I read your books I figured that you did an extensive research on herbs and pill refining." The little girl paused for a moment. After taking a deep breath she continued.

" So, I really want to learn from you." Xia Lian looked at the old man nervously.

Grandpa Wu looked at the girl's nervous expression and chuckled " Girl, you said that you know about medicine. Let me ask you a few questions. I will not accept stupid disciples."

" No problem grandpa Wu.. ask me anything." Xia Lian was secretly relieved. She thought that this old man would reject her from the start.

" Fine then.. " Wu Gong wrote something on a paper and gave it to her.

" Girl, I gave you a list of symptoms. Identify the disease and write down your observations and methods of cure." Wu Gong instructed her.

Xia Lian took a look at the paper and smiled while simultaneously taking the brush and writing down on the paper. She looked at each list for about a minute before determining the disease and it's cure.

Wu Gong was surprised after seeing her writing down without thinking properly. He squinted his eyes and took a look at her paper..

One look and he had no words to describe the shock in his heart at that moment..


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