My Beautiful Commander
18 I am a pig, so are you
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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18 I am a pig, so are you

Xia Lian and grandpa Wu chatted a long time about medicine and they developed a bond of kinship at that moment..

Grandpa Wu gave all of his books to Xia Lian and asked her to find him if she had any doubts.

So Xia Lian happily nodded and entered the hut with a heap of books in her hand. The books lined up like a tower in her hands covering her little face.

" Sister" following that innocent voice a tiny figure crashed into her.

Xia Lian didn't see this coming and obviously was not prepared to face this little guy's show of affection. So Xia Lian swayed a bit and all the books fell on the ground.

Xia Lian's first reaction was to cover the little guy's head with her hands.

" Ming, you careless brat.. " Xia Lian rebuked him lightly.

But, the boy was not in a state to pout on her words. He was extremely happy on seeing his sister get up and talk normally.

" Sis, why did you sleep so long. You once told me that only pigs sleep so long... So, did my sister become a pig?" Xia Ming teased her with an innocent face.

Xia Lian's lips twitched on hearing his words. ' You are merely a little sprout and you dare tease this big sis ah!..' Xia Lian felt amused in her heart. So, she could not help but smirk " Yup.. sis is a pig.."

Xia Ming grinned widely but his sisters next words made him pout.

" But the brother of pig is also a pig.." Xia Lian looked solemnly at her brother. She laughed happily after seeing his cute pout.

" Alright.. your sister is alright now. So, don't worry little brat.." Xia Lian ruffled his hair.

Xia Ming smiled at her as he liked his sister playing with his hair. His sister always remained silent, but now after seeing his big sis so active and playing with him he was really happy ah!

Xia Lian started picking the books which lay scattered all over the floor. Following his sister picking up the books, Xia Ming also started picking the books. Although his hands were small, he was able to pick three thin books.

Xia Lian felt warm on seeing his actions and could not help but smile widely. Both of them quickly sorted out the books neatly into two rows on the table.

" Ming, today big sis will cook something tasty for you..."

Xia Ming's little face darkened on hearing his sister's words. How can he not know his sister's cooking skills.. But he swallowed his words on seeing his sister's excitement.

Xia Lian naturally noticed his defeated expression and chuckled " Ming, don't worry. Your sister's cooking is great now.."

Xia Ming was still a three year old kid so he naturally believed his sister's claims which resulted in him nodding his head excitedly.

Xia Lian took Xia Ming to the village farm and brought a basket of eggs. Afterwards she brought some onions, potatoes and tomatoes from an uncle's farm. She bought some oil and spices from a small shop.

After returning to their small hut Xia Lian started a fire and took out the pan which she borrowed from aunt Qian. Xia Lian took an onion and neatly chopped it into very fine pieces and this was followed by a potato and a tomato. Xia Lian fried all these in oil and kept them aside. Furthermore four eggs were taken and whisked. After a while she added all the fried vegetables with spices and cooked a simple Spanish omelette.

Xia Lian felt satisfied after seeing the fluffy omelette and a faint aroma started to spread in the little hut. Xia Ming looked at his sister with bright eyes.

So his sister can really cook now.. Xia Ming danced in his heart after seeing the yellow and crispy thing his sister cooked. He didn't know what it is, but he wanted to eat it.

She repeated the process with six eggs and handed them over to aunt Qian and grandpa Wu.

Xia Lian laughed after seeing her brother's drooling face after returning. She neatly arranged everything on the plates and sat beside her brother. The omelette was swiftly cut into small pieces to allow them to cool a bit. She then carefully fed Xia Ming with chopsticks.

" How is it?" Xia Lian asked with bright eyes.

" So tasty sis.. " Xia Ming nodded happily and looked at her.

" Ah.." Xia Ming opened his mouth indicating her to feed him. Xia Lian happily fed him and the little guy ate the huge omelette without leaving anything behind. After seeing him eat his fill, Xia Lian grinned and she also ate with extra energy and a bright mood. She decided to make new dishes everyday so she can fatten up her small rabbit.


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