My Beautiful Commander
24 Flawless
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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24 Flawless

"So, you are saying that the men from the sacred order ate together with her?" Xia Jiang was shocked and his face darkened after hearing the report from his spies.

" Yes master." a man in black answered as he broke out into a cold sweat. Never in his life did he see someone so ruthless as his master towards their own children.

Xia Jiang thought for a while as he never could have imagined that they are on such close terms with each other. He felt that he need to change his plans.

" Draw back, no need to follow them anymore. It's not good to spy on them with the sacred order around them. I'm afraid that they noticed our presence already."

" For now I will let them be and not disturb them if they mind their own business without disturbing Xia family." Xia Jiang spoke coldly.

" Yes, master" all the guards replied in unison.

" Leave" After hearing Xia Jiang's orders all the men left the room in an instant.

Just as Xia Jiang predicted, Jun Moyin and Ah Jin noticed the presence of spies around them as soon as they reached Wu Gong's house.

On their way back Jun Moyin's face was replaced with a serious expression " Ah Jin it seems that I made a good decision by visiting them. That Xia Jiang sure is arrogant. Nevertheless he will not make a move because now he will be convinced that we are serious in protecting them."

"Yes, young lord. Now he will know his place." Ah Jin replied coldly.Jun Moyin nodded and both of them rode towards their mansion.

Next day in the military camp:

All the men were standing in the tent with stiffened expressions on their faces.

A young man sat opposite of them while studying all the reports with a serious expression on his face.

Though the young lad before them was only 19 years old all the experienced soldiers around him could not help but break out into a cold sweat.

The young man had a focused expression on his face as if the world around him was of no importance to him. The scene that played before them left even the soldiers in a daze.

He seemed to be from an entirely different league than all people around him. A face capable of increasing the heartbeats of innocent maidens and a source of envy to every man around him.

His lush and long silky black hair flowed smoothly along his shoulders and the simple jade hairpin acted as a perfect accessory completing the beautiful picture.

His originally white jade like skin had a slight tan glow which only made his features more appealing.

The high cheekbones appeared chiselled into a perfect shape by a master craftsman and they were of such sharp contours it could be defined as a new measurement for perfection.

His square jaw and broad shoulders were like an icing to the cake and well built body with a towering height of 6 feet 2 inches acted like a symbol of his overbearing strength.

His Black robes did a poor job at concealing his muscular arms and well-built upper body and the outlines of his marvelous abs could be traced along the folds of his robes.

That slight teasing scenery made everyone go mad ah. They really wanted to rip off his robes to have a look at his well-trained and sculpted chest.

The light stubble on his cheeks indicating that the one before you is not a young lad, but a man with the spirit of a lion.

The most attracting feature of his face were his eyes.

A unique hazel brown that shined along with his intelligence.

With eyes as bright and spell binding as the stars they bewitched all those who fell under his steady gaze.

The word 'Handsome' was truly an insult to describe the young man before them.

Flawless. Yes, flawless was the only suitable word for his appearance.


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