My Beautiful Commander
25 Death mode activated
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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25 Death mode activated

The knitting of his well curved eyebrows brought all the men around him back from their daze. They calmed themselves because the mighty figure before them was not an alluring god but a god of death.

They held their breaths and relaxed only after seeing that the young man before them changing back to his calm appearance.

" General.." a confident and brave soldier spoke.

Xuan Li Wei lifted his head from the documents before him and scanned all the men in the tent coldly. The flawless man entered his god of death mode and the air around him turned cold.

" A spy walked around us for an entire month and not even one of you could recognise him." Xuan Li Wei spat coldly.

" It's a good thing that I returned in time and caught him." Then he threw the stack of papers in his hands at the his subordinates " Do you know what would have happened if this information fell into the hands of our enemy?"

All the soldiers in the tent lowered their heads in shame because they knew that their general rarely lashed out at them. He only berated them in serious situations and only if he confirmed that the mistake truly lied on their side.

This time they knew better than anyone what kind of situation they created due to their own negligence.

" We still don't know what details are leaked." Xuan Li Wei gritted his teeth.. " Take me to meet him. I will make spit him all the details and show him the consequences of infiltrating into my territory"

After finishing his speech Xuan Li Wei stood up and walked out of the tent agile like a leopard. Everyone in the tent sighed in relief but secretly lit candles in their hearts for that damn spy. Falling into the hands of their general was truly a nightmare.

All the soldiers silently followed Xuan Li Wei as they walked for a few minutes before reaching the military jail. After seeing Xuan Li Wei the soldiers on guard immediately saluted him with an appearance of reverence.

" Where is he?" Xuan Li Wei spoke slowly with a cold voice. One of the guards immediately bowed and led him to the cell where the spy was kept.

It's been a week since the man is captured and due to the lack of care he was deprived of food and water. His body revealed several whip marks and his mouth was gagged to prevent him from making noise or biting his tongue.

" Did he confess?" Xuan Li Wei looked at the special team responsible for torturing the criminals to get the information out of them.

They looked at Xuan Li Wei and shook their head. Xuan Li Wei smiled coldly and asked in a menacing voice " Did you remove the death pill from his mouth?"

" Yes, general." the special team replied in unison.

" Very good." Xuan Li Wei entered the cell and squatted in front of the dying man.

The death pill caused instant death after biting on it and almost all spies were made to carry death pill in their mouths in case they were caught. They were instructed to kill themselves rather than divulge information to the enemy under the impact of torture.

This was one of the basic rules which every spy had to keep in their mind and to be fair, getting captured meant death in this kind of business.

Xuan Li Wei lifted the man's head by pulling his hair and the spy responded by looking deep into Xuan Li Wei's eyes without any trace of fear nor respect. Xuan Li Wei knitted his brows and suddenly smiled. That little smile on his devilishly handsome face brought chills to everyone in the room.

" I will give you one last chance. Confess on your own or.. I will make you spit out everything." Xuan Li Wei looked at the man coldly " If you do not confess on your own I will make you go through a pain you can't even imagine and you will wish to never have been born in this hopeless world"

Xuan Li Wei got up and gracefully sat in the chair prepared by his men. He rested his chin on his palm and lazily looked at the man before him.

On seeing their general behaving as if he was watching a good play all the soldiers sighed helplessly in their hearts.

Seeing that the man had no intention of speaking Xuan Li Wei smiled slyly and looked at his special team " Let's start..hehe"


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