My Beautiful Commander
26 We just love our country more than ourselves
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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26 We just love our country more than ourselves

One hour passed..

Two hours passed..

The man's body is covered with whip marks, knife cuts and the whole room is filled with stench of blood.

Though the man's body was strong the wounds on his body were still extremely painful. But his eyes glowed with determination to survive this ordeal.

He calmly observed Xuan Li Wei with a look expressing ' Do whatever you want, you will not get a single thing out of me.'

It caused Xuan Li Wei to develop a slight admiration for this spy. Not a single one before was able to stand his torture and it has been way too easy to get information from them.

But this man was truly quite different. He neither flinched nor struggled. He was not afraid of death and he did not show any signs of weakness. Having this level of mental strength when captured by the enemy was quite terrifying and commendable.

' When did Azure country's spies turn out to be so terrifying' Xuan Li Wei frowned. In the last few months many tried to infiltrate their military but they were captured and executed according to the military law. Xuan Li Wei knitted his brows and scanned the man before him again with a trace of doubt slowly creeping into his eyes.

Suddenly Xuan Li Wei's line of sight stopped at the mans shoulders. He squinted his eyes and ordered his men " Tear of the dress on his right shoulder."

The soldiers looked at each other and two of them immediately stepped forward and tore of a piece of dress revealing a deep scar..

" Veteran General, Geng Su.." Xuan Li Wei looked at the man on the ground.

The man's emotionless eyes revealed a trace of surprise for the first time. He seemed as if he wanted to ask something. Xuan Li Wei smiled and looked at his men " Remove the gag.."

The man coughed hysterically for a while and the soldiers poured water into his throat after receiving a signal from Xuan Li Wei. After taking a while to calm down and catch his breath he looked at Xuan Li Wei " How did you know?"

" Firstly, your toughness. The level of Azure country's spies still has not reached such a terrifying level. Secondly, your body is not that of a spy. Only a soldier who fought in many battles can have such strong body so you are not a trained spy and you being here is your own decision." Xuan Li Wei smiled at the man before continuing " Am I right till here?"

The man nodded and Xuan Li Wei continued " But very few would have such will to live and die for the country and I have long heard of many heroic deeds of general Geng Su in the battlegrounds. I also heard that no one is more dedicated than general Geng Su in serving his country. You have suddenly gone missing for many years... I only had a hunch and the scar confirmed it. "

" General Geng Su, I really respect you.." Xuan Li Wei really admired this selfless man. Who would willingly enter his enemy's territory..

The man smiled " I guess my disguise has not been of any use to me. You really live up to your master's name. I really missed my days of battle with him. Back then, he was the only man worthy of being my opponent."

Xuan Li Wei's eyes shone with pride and smiled at him " Major, it's really a pity that we are fighting on opposite sides."

Geng Su calmly observed the young man before him and sighed " We soldiers only have to protect our motherland.. You don't hate me and I don't hate you either. It's just that each of us love our country more than our interests."

" So, how are you going to kill me?"

" I will not make it difficult for you.." Xuan Li Wei looked at his men and they immediately gagged the man.

Xuan Li Wei called one of them to his side and whispered something into his ear. The soldier immediately bowed and left the cell.


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