My Beautiful Commander
27 Mu tribe
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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27 Mu tribe

In the military dorms a man sat at his study reading a book. His expression cannot be seen as his face was covered with a mask, a wooden mask that was painted in blood red with many creepy black characters and symbols decorating it.

One look at the mask and you would shudder involuntarily.

The mask only added fear to his already eccentric personality.

The man slightly tilted his head after hearing a series of knocks and sighed as he did not like anyone disturbing his peaceful study time.

" Come in" his low and monotonous voice echoed.

The voice is like a warm breeze that can put anyone's heart at ease. But the warm feeling is very easily forgotten by looking as his dark mask.

The young soldier entered the room with his head down all the while not daring to look at the mask which was the source of his many nightmares.

" Master Mu Chen, general Xuan is requesting your presence."Mu Chen raised his eyebrows.

' It's been a long time, since I've put my eyes to work.' Mu Chen sighed in his heart.

" Alright.." Mu Chen did not wait for the guard's reply and exited his room slowly into the direction of the military jail.

The young soldier immediately came back to his senses and rushed forward to lead the way.

" Li Hong, are you still scared of my pretty mask?" Mu Chen asked with a hint of amusement. Mu Chen still remembered this young man's horrified reaction when he first met him.

After hearing the teasing tone of this venerable deity Li Hong face-palmed and grumbled " Master Mu, that eerie mask of yours still scares the wits out of me. Master I can change that mask of yours into a presentable one.."

Mu Chen grunted " Humph, not even one of you can understand the beauty and artistic sense of my mask.."

Li Hong sighed and reminded himself that he was talking to someone without any common sense.

However he developed a thought in his heart ' Master Mu, a day will come when someone crazier than you will tease you and make you remove that mask."

Thus a gleeful young soldier and a weirdo slowly made their way towards the cell where Xuan Li Wei was.

" General.. Finally you remembered a humble existence like me " Mu Chen deliberately spoke in a neither warm nor cold tone.

The corners of Xuan Li Wei's mouth twitched. ' Why did he have a such a weird brother and eccentric friend?' he wondered.

" You know what to do.. I will leave the rest to you." Xuan Li Wei left the cell with all the soldiers leaving Mu Chen alone with the man.

Mu Chen slowly removed his mask and Geng Su was met with a pair of beautiful golden eyes. Geng Su admitted in his heart that he had never seen such beautiful golden eyes.

While he was still occupied with admiring them, the golden eyes seemed to emit a faint light and before he realized what was happening to him, Geng Su already entered into a trance..

Hypnosis. Yes, hypnosis.

The Mu tribe has golden eyes and they can control anyone however they wish to.

Therefore the members of the Mu tribe were highly valued by the emperor and the respect that was shown to them could be considered to be on par with the royal family.

" Tell me what is He Shun planning?" Mu Chen's gentle breeze like voice echoed in the cell.

He Shun was the young and hot-blooded general of the Azure country and there has been many reports from spies saying that he was planning something on a rather large scale. But the specific details have not been disclosed to anyone except to his special troop so this man before them was their only hope to fish out any information.

" Tunnels.." Geng Su faintly moved his lips.


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