My Beautiful Commander
30 What docile bunny?
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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30 What docile bunny?

Jun Moyin and Mu Chen froze after seeing a human expression on Xuan Li Wei's face. How long has it been since the signature expression on his face changed?

Jun Moyin was so surprised by his brother's outburst that he did not really pay attention to what exactly he said.

After seeing that the two dummies before him were frozen stiff Xuan Li Wei repeated again with the same incredulous voice " Jun Moyin, did you call Xia Lian a docile bunny?!"

Jun Moyin recovered from his thoughts and frowned at his brother " Big bro, seriously if not bunny is sister-in-law a snake? In that cute apron and with some flour on her face, of course anyone would think that sis-in-law is a bunny.."

Jun Moyin stopped his sentence in the middle due to the slight killing intent creeping to him from the opposite part of the tent.

" What?" Jun Moyin felt a chill down his spine.

" Sister-in-law?" Xuan Li Wei asked while tapping his fingers on the table.

Jun Moyin laughed sheepishly at his brother " A slip of my tongue hehe. O great one, please pardon this humble one.."

' But a day will come when I will call her my sister-in-law ah' Jun Moyin humped in his heart.

Xuan Li Wei on the other hand started regretting that he did not go to visit her. He could have seen her in an apron. Well there was no use crying over spilled milk so he sighed and shifted his gaze back to the duo.

" Enough of this drama. Now tell me exactly what happened?" Xuan Li Wei looked at Jun Moyin.

Jun Moyin switched to his serious mode and explained everything in detail. " Big bro, sis Xia is looking healthy now and her wounds healed. Luckily there were no scars left on her face at all."

Xuan Li Wei's worried heart finally calmed down. After seeing the clear relief on his brother's face Jun Moyin smiled and Mu Chen was stunned.

' It seems that Li Wei has really fallen for that girl' Mu Chen chuckled in his heart.

" Big bro, why did you give such a reaction when I called sis Xia a bunny?" Jun Moyin could not help but ask.

" You did not see her fight. Once you witnessed her killing techniques you will never compare her to a bunny ever again."

" Oh.. then what did you think of her bro?" Jun Moyin wanted to know his brothers opinion in detail.

Xuan Li Wei remembered those pair of bright, fierce eyes coupled with her one-hit kills and slightly shivered.

" She is more like a tigress.." Xuan Li Wei answered with a gentle smile on his face which he himself did not realize.

" Tigress??" Jun Moyin and Mu Chen looked at each other helplessly. Sure enough, a man in love only has his woman in his eyes.

"cough" Jun Moyin cleared his throat after noticing his brother's love-struck expression. His brother is clearly taken ah! He really wanted to worship his sister-in-law for making this wooden block fall head over heels for her.

Love of first sight was always wishful thinking in his opinion but his world views seemed to change at this moment.

" Alright, both of you leave now. I need to discuss something with my subordinates." Xuan Li Wei had spent more than enough time to entertain these two.


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