My Beautiful Commander
31 Search everywhere
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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31 Search everywhere

A small note for your better understanding:

Hierarchy in the army: Commander ---> General ---> Platoon leaders ---> Soldiers


Xuan Li Wei took a peek at the two rabbits and sighed.

" Guess I have to take care of them.." he smiled wryly and placed the basket on a small table.

" General the platoon leaders are here to meet you.." a guard announced.

" Let them in."

" General.." several men with bronze badges pinned on their chests entered the tent and saluted to Xuan Li Wei.

Xuan Li Wei nodded and everyone gathered around the table. Afterwards he spread the map out and took a brush before marking several locations with a cross.

" Starting from tomorrow you are going to check all these places for any tunnels." Xuan Li Wei looked at the men around him.

" Tunnels?" a middle-aged man asked curiously.

" Yes, Azure country is making secret a move on us. The only clues we have is this single word' Tunnels'.. "

Xuan Li Wei seemed to be thinking of something " I want this to remain a secret operation."

" You need to check all the places if any underground tunnels are present or any secret passages were built."

" If you find any of them don't hesitate to destroy them. You need to check the entire vicinity of the military camp and the nearby villages without alerting the enemy. Did all of you understand what I was saying?" Xuan Li Wei looked at all the men with a sharp gaze.

" Yes general, we will arrange the men in shifts so we can work even more efficiently. Please don't worry." a middle aged man spoke.

" I have a hunch that their main target is our military camp. Our eastern barracks are the strongest pillars of the empire. We cannot and should not suffer any losses. If our camp falls it will result in a disaster for the empire so you have to carefully search everywhere. Stay alert as they may send more spies.."

Xuan Li Wei discussed many things with the platoon leaders. After making sure that he addressed everything he took a last look at them and spoke seriously " This is a serious matter and I will go to the imperial capital to report everything to the Emperor so I will be away from camp for about one up to two months. In my absence Min Zhuan will be in charge."

After hearing Xuan Li Wei's words a young man in his early twenties stepped forward and bowed " General I will not let you down."

" I trust you." Xuan Li Wei said simple but powerful words and dismissed them.

Min Zhuan has been by his side for the past four years and could be considered his right-hand man.

He has always been efficient and trustworthy so he did not think twice before handing over all the

responsibilities to him.

Xuan Li Wei felt tired after a long meeting and rubbed his temples. Shortly after he remembered Jun Moyin walking towards the restrooms in the military dorm so he directly went and visited the room that was specially allocated to him. No one paid much attention to the young master as he was acknowledged as the younger brother of the general.

Jun Moyin opened the door and flashed all his teeth after seeing Xuan Li Wei " Big brother, come in.."

He pulled Xuan Li Wei to sit on a chair and closed the door.

" I am leaving for the capital tomorrow." Xuan Li Wei observed Jun Moyin calmly "Do you want to come with me?"

" Yes, I want to meet mother and sister" Jun Moyin smiled happily.

After the mention of his mother and younger sister even the stern general managed to form a gentle smile.

" Alright, you can return with me or you can stay back there" Xuan Li Wei continued " Also this time I will be staying in the capital for a month."

" Really? Mother and sister are going to die from happiness!" Jun Moyin laughed after imagining their delightful expressions.


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