My Beautiful Commander
32 All set to get started
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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32 All set to get started

Xuan Li Wei and Jun Moyin chatted for a long time and after finishing the dinner together, Xuan Le Wei returned to his tent.

Next day morning..

Xuan Li Wei and Jun Moyin left the camp on their horses and the platoon leaders started their mission carefully.

On the other hand,

Xia Lian changed into a set of martial arts outfit and started to do warm up exercises early in the morning.

After some warm up, she started to run along the roads in the village wishing everyone she met on her way..

Everyone smiled warmly on seeing such a cheerful girl early in the morning..

' Such good people and a refreshing scent of earth..' Xia Lian breathed the air greedily as she liked the fresh morning air which had a unique smell of nature.

Xia Lian returned to the house after running for about two hours. Her body sweated profusely and she panted while placing her hands on her knees.

" I should train after resting for a while.. What is the use of having skills without flexibility in the body." Xia Lian mumbled while slowly walking into the house.

On entering the house, she saw Xia Ming sitting on the bed and sketching seriously..

Xia Lian chuckled and jumped on the bed while tickling the boy in the process. Both of them rolled on the bed and Xia Ming laughed so much that his face turned red like a tomato..

Xia Lian left him reluctantly after a while.. If she continued to tease him any further he would choke..

Xia Lian carried her little bunny and dumped him in the bath tub filled with warm water..

" Ming, put on those clothes after your bath." Xia Lian pointed to the clothes on the wooden stand before leaving.

Xia Ming bathed while humming a song. Xia Lian prepared breakfast in the mean time. She prepared two poached eggs to go with the buns and decorated them with the sauce which she prepared earlier She heated the milk and filled two huge porcelain glasses with milk.

After covering everything, she saw Xia Ming coming out with his wet hair. He looked cute in his blue robes. Xia Lian quickly dried his hair and went to bath after instructing him not to run around..

After returning from bath, Xia Lian ate after feeding him.

Xia Lian heard a knock on the door while cleaning the plates. She opened the door and smiled widely on seeing the men outside her door...

" Girl, I made this bow as you instructed. Take a look at it." a middle aged man handed her a wooden bow. Xia Lian checked the bow and the string and smiled with satisfaction " Uncle Song, it is crafted well.."

Uncle Song smiled after hearing her praise. It's his first time crafting such a bow..

Developing a highly sophisticated modern bow is impossible in this era. So, Xia Lian added simple changes to the ancient bow so that her grip on the bow remains steady and she added a small protrusion so that her arrow can rest on it so that she can shoot at high speed without worrying about maintaining her arrow in straight position.

After checking the arrows, Xia Lian remembered about her sword.

" Uncle Song, what about my sword?"

" Here.. we made a light weight sword as per your requirements.." Uncle Song handed her a sword. Xia Lian unsheathed the sword and tested it.

'Not bad' she sighed in her heart, but nodded at the man before her "Thank you so much uncle.."

Xia Lian handed over a few silvers to uncle Song for delivering the items safely and the man left the house with a huge smile.


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