My Beautiful Commander
34 A caring bunny
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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34 A caring bunny

All this time, she did not notice that Xia Ming is staring at her with bright eyes and a proud look on his face. He watched his sister practice without resting. He never saw his sister practising before and he glued his eyes on her.

Xia Lian paused her practice a few times, to make sure that her little bunny is alright. She is surprised that he sat quietly watching her with large doe eyes overflowing with interest.

' I can start teaching him martial arts when he turns 5 years old..' Xia Lian thought to herself and continued to practice.

For this body, this is the first time to come into contact with bows and arrows. So, Xia Lian's fingers had many cuts due to her monstrous practice. Though she felt that her fingers are numb, she bit her lip and continued to practice.

She had a fifty arrows in her hand. After using all the arrows, Xia Lian collected all of them and started her practice once again. Xia Ming came to help her but she sternly refused as his little hands would be easily cut. He puffed his cheeks expressing his disapproval, but he sat down quietly after noticing the serious expression on his sister's face.

After making three trips and shooting about 160 arrows, Xia Lian's hands refused to listen to her. So, after collecting all the arrows she placed the bow on her shoulders. Xia Lian wanted to carry Xia Ming, but he refused " Sis, with your hands how can you carry me? I can walk by myself."

Xia Lian was surprised by his words. ' Why am I feeling that he is too mature for his age?' Xia Lian thought to herself.

Xia Ming held on to his sisters robes and both of them slowly walked to their house. Xia Lian smiled on seeing her master walking back and forth in front of their house.

" Master.."

Wu Gong visibly relaxed on seeing both of them. " I am going back now. Don't tire yourself.." Wu Gong nagged for a long while before leaving them.

Xia Lian went to bath and soaked herself in warm water. She felt her hands sting and her sore muscles relax. But, she did not stay in water for a long time and neatly bandaged her hands.

Xia Lian then started a fire to cook. Xia Lian boiled rice and cooked curry to go with the rice. She cut some cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and other vegetables and made a green salad.

Xia Ming looked at his sister's bandaged hands for a long time before lowering his head.

After finishing her cooking, Xia Lian sat beside the little bunny.. He had been unusually quiet since their return from the forest.

" Ming.."

The little one slowly lifted his head and Xia Lian froze on seeing his teary eyes. For the first time in this life, she panicked and felt a pain in her heart on seeing his distressed face.

" What happened? Are you not feeling well anywhere?" Xia Lian asked nervously while checking his body.

On hearing her words, Xia Ming hugged her and cried loudly. Xia Lian patted his back while coaxing him slowly. She felt flustered as she didn't know the reason for his sudden outburst.

After calming down, Xia Ming wriggled out of her arms and grabbed her hands. Xia Lian opened her mouth to speak but her words froze when her eyes met with her brother's angry face..

" Big sis, should you hurt yourself? " the little one is angry.. very angry..

'Whoa! This little bunny has a bad temper ah!' Xia Lian cried in her heart

Xia Lian smiled wryly and told him that these are common for anyone during their first practice. Xia Ming calmed down after his sister coaxing him for a long time. Xia Lian felt tired.. This side of her little bunny is truly terrifying!

Xia Lian prepared to feed him, but he grabbed the chopsticks from her hands and started to eat by himself with his clumsy movements. Xia Lian's heart warmed on seeing his cute but stubborn actions. She picked her chopsticks but she was surprised when he grabbed her chopsticks.

'Now what?' she thought to herself. Xia Lian froze when he brought the food to her mouth with his little hands. This little one is feeding her ah! She allowed him to feed her and she ate slowly enjoying the moment. Xia Lian's heart was filled with happiness and she chuckled on seeing a faint blush on the little one's face.

Xia Lian slept peacefully that night while hugging the little one..


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