My Beautiful Commander
35 The prince returned
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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35 The prince returned

Xia Lian practiced everyday in the forest and Xia Ming watched her moves carefully everyday. In the beginning, he was a little afraid of the sounds arrows make when they pierce through the air and when they hit the target.

But, slowly his fears turned into excitement and after a few days he started to stand beside Xia Lian and observe her hand movements. His eyes were filled with complete adoration for his sister.

Xia Lian ate high protein foods and exercised rigorously everyday. Everyday, Xia Lian's hands are covered with bruises and her monstrous training left her body sore at the end of the day..

At this time, Xia Lian discovered the magical benefits of herbal bath. She placed several cooling and pain relieving herbs in a cloth pouch and dipped them in the hot bath. A faint herbal aroma spread through the bath, indicating that the bath is ready for use. After her first herbal bath, Xia Lian experimented with different herbal combinations and she noted down the combinations which she liked the most.

Everyday night, Xia Ming found his sister writing something seriously in a fat book. Looking at that serene image of her studying, Xia Ming drifted into his dreamland every night..

A week passed by..

At the gates of imperial capital...

" Big bro, We finally reached ah! " Jun Moyin exclaimed happily.

Xuan Li Wei looked at his over-excited brother and shook his head helplessly.

Jun Moyin noticed his reaction and scoffed " Big bro, you are really something.. You are returning home after 5 years.. Where is the excitement bro?"

" Should I dance then?"

Jun Moyin choked on his breath. His brother is very bad at jokes.. But, he didn't comment as he was more than happy that his brother spoke a complete sentence for the first time since the time they started their journey..

" Let's go.." Xuan Li Wei lightly brushed his shoe against his horse and the horse moved at a moderate pace. Jun Moyin followed his brother with a grin on his face.

Everyone stared at Xuan Li Wei and his majestic black horse. It's shining and long silky hair flowing to it's side, added a mystical charm to the tall horse.

The people along the road looked at the handsome young man and started to discuss among themselves about his identity.

" It's our fourth prince and the eastern barracks general, Xuan Li Wei" a young man whispered in the ears of his friend.

" How do you know?" the friend is not convinced fully.

" Just look at his face. Fourth prince is well-known for his good looks. Also, who else other than him can ride that black-dragon horse." the young man scoffed at his friend.

" Aish.. It's me that is too muddle headed.." the friend slapped his head and both of them continued to speak about Xuan Li Wei. On the other hand, Jun Moyin rode behind his brother with a pouting expression.

' No one notices me when my big bro is around..' Jun Moyin sighed for the nth time in his heart as he experienced this situation many times.

Many looked at the horse and recognized the man on it in an instant. How could they not know the man who tamed the aggressive black-dragon horse.

The breed of black-dragon horses are known for their high speeds and strength. They are the most rare and most desired breed of horses. But, they are known for their fierce temper and many lost their lives in the process of taming them.

In Qilin empire, only two persons succeeded in taming these horses. One is the military advisor and the other is the young general Xuan Li Wei.


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