My Beautiful Commander
38 Angry mother
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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38 Angry mother

Xuan Li Wei walked along the stone path surrounded by flowers. The multi-colored rose and tulip plants brought a unique charm to the narrow path. He involuntarily walked towards his right and reached the small lake. The lake was filled with white lotuses and Xuan Li Wei smiled gently on seeing the flowers. ' I did not think that mother will build a lotus pond just because of my actions..' he sighed in his heart.

Xuan Li Wei still remembered the day when he gave his mother a white lotus.

' Wei'er, Why did you give this one a lotus?' his mother asked.

' A lotus shines magnificently and remains unstained even when it is in the muddiest waters.. You are the same, mother..' Xuan Li Wei gave a lotus to his mother and said these words before leaving to serve in the army.

His mother Jun Hu Rui, though a concubine she taught him and his siblings well. Her teachings though a bit unconventional, they are always right and tugged at their heartstrings. With these thoughts in his mind, he slowly walked towards the ' Moon Pearl palace' , his mother's palace.

On seeing Xuan Li Wei, granny Li, a lady of about 50 years came forward to meet him warmly

" Prince Wei, how have you been?"

Granny Li is his mother's dowry maid and she took care of them since they were kids. She is a mother figure in their eyes. So, Xuan Li Wei spoke with a smile " Granny Li, I am fine as you can see. You should worry about your health."

Granny Li smiled " Aiya, such flattery.. You should think ways of coaxing Lady Hu Rui instead."

" What happened?" Xuan Li Wei's smile froze and hurried to enter. He frowned when lady Li stopped him.

On seeing his frown, granny Li replied with a helpless expression " Lady Hu Rui asked me tell you something.."

Xuan Li Wei nodded and granny Li spoke some thing that made Xuan Li Wei cough blood.

" This concubine has no time and status to meet with the noble prince Xuan Li Wei.."

Xuan Li Wei's face darkened.

" Lady Hu Rui asked me to tell you these words when you come here." Granny Li continued her verbal assault " Also, lady advised you to not waste your precious time on her."

' Mother is throwing a tantrum..' Xuan Li Wei sighed and hurried his steps into the palace avoiding granny Li's cries.

" Mother.." a young girl's voice echoed through the room.

" Mother.. as always your pastries are one of a kind.. you made my favorite berry pastries.." a teenager's voice spoke this time.

Xuan Li Wei immediately recognized his younger brother's voice and pursed his lips.

Xuan Li Wei entered the room where he saw a woman in her late thirties relaxing on a couch with a book in her hand. His lips twitched when he saw Jun Moyin and his sister Xuan Li Na happily relishing on the snacks.

Xuan Li Wei: " Mother..."

Jun Hu Rui: No reaction and continues to read her book..

Xuan Li Wei sighed and sat on his kneels and raised his hands in surrender " Beloved Concubine mother, can you pardon this humble one for his mistakes.."

Jun Hu Rui raised her brows and smirked at him. Xuan Li Wei shuddered on seeing her smirk.

' It's bad..' he lamented in his heart and looked at his mother " You may punish me till your anger is quenched."

Jun Hu Rui covered her face with the book to hide the small twitch on her lips. She continued to ignore her son. Xuan Li Wei continued to kneel on the ground with his hands in air.

Jun Moyin was clearly enjoying the show as its very rare to see this side of his brother.. His brother may be a lion in the army but is clearly a chicken in front of mother.. So, he stared at his brother without blinking.

Xuan Li Wei tilted his head and his eyes met with Jun Moyin's. Jun Moyin winked at him silently mouthing ' Big bro, I'm cheering for you..'. Xuan Li Wei's face darkened and gave him an evil smile

' Brat, wait till you fall in my hands..' . Jun Moyin's smile froze on seeing that evil smirk on his brother's face. So, he coughed lightly and turned to talk with his little sister.

Xuan Li Wei followed his gaze and saw that his sister is looking at him with big doe eyes. He chuckled at her adorable little face before turning away.

Xuan Li Wei looked at his mother who is still immersed in her book. So, he stood in front of her and grabbed the book from her hands. His suppressed his chuckle when he saw that his mother is reading her book upside down..

But, this reaction made Jun Hu Rui even more angry and she glared at him. Two pairs of hazel brown eyes stared at each other without blinking..

Jun Hu Rui stared with a cold expression, but Xuan Li Wei clearly saw the happiness and anxiety in her eyes. He felt both happy and guilty in his heart, but he remained calm on the outside.

Jun Moyin & Xuan Li Na : "..." cold-war is about start now..


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