My Beautiful Commander
39 Weird family
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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39 Weird family

Jun Moyin and Xuan Li Na looked at each other and secretly gulped. Both stopped eating and the stiff atmosphere in the room made them unable to breath.

" Err.. Mother, Big brother.." Xuan Li Na spoke to break the awkward atmosphere.

" Humph, no filial piety towards ones elders.." Jun Hu Rui mumbled as Xuan Li Wei looked at his mother with his signature wooden block expression, but his eyes had a trace of amusement and concern.

" 5 years.. It's been five years.. You didn't come to visit this one even once. Fine, since you forgot this one why bother now? I am going to rest." Jun Hu Rui stood up to leave.

But, she suddenly stopped and handed over a plate to Xuan Li Wei. Xuan Li Wei looked at the moon shaped plum cakes and suppressed his turbulent emotions. He opened his mouth to speak but he heard his mother's voice " They are your favorite and I made them. But, I don't know if your tastes have changed in the past 5 years. If so, you need not force yourself to eat."

Xuan Li Wei did not say anything but he placed the plate on the table. Jun Hu Rui felt a suffocation in her heart and slowly turned to leave.

But, before she could take a step she felt two arms around her shoulders. Before she could understand what is going on, she was pulled into a warm embrace from her behind. Jun Hu Rui was startled by this sudden show of affection of her son. She patted his hands and her lips gently curved up. She knows this is her son's way of expressing his emotions. So, she stayed still without moving.

Both of them did not speak and found comfort in the other's embrace.

" I'm sorry mother. I will visit you more often from now.." Xuan Li Wei spoke in a hoarse voice. Jun Hu Rui was shocked and she immediately turned to face her son.

" If there is more work, don't force yourself. Just make sure to be safe and healthy. But, I will throw a tantrum when you return and just coax me like you did today. So, don't worry about this one so much." Jun Hu Rui smiled.

Jun Moyin & Xuan Li Na : Then what is this show for..

Both of them ignored the weird mother and son pair and continued to eat their snacks.

Jun Hu Rui pulled her son to her side " Sit and finish everything."

Xuan Li Wei : " Alright.."

Xuan Li Wei started to eat everything without any protest. But, his mother kept on adding cakes to his plate. Xuan Li Wei face-palmed

" Mother.. I can't eat anymore.."

Jun Hu Rui scanned him from top to bottom and frowned " Too thin and weak.. You have to eat two more plates. Only then you can leave." Xuan Li Wei smiled wryly and looked at the plate before giving a long sigh.

Xuan Li Na looked at his brother's pained expression and smirked " Big bro, where is sister-in-law? Brother told me that you are hiding sister-in-law." Speaking till here the little girl stood up with her hands on her hips and glared at him " I want to see sister-in-law and be friends with her.."

Xuan Li Wei was shocked beyond words and stared at his little sister blankly. Then he looked at Jun Moyin and gritted his teeth " What sort of nonsense are you spouting before a little girl?"

Jun Moyin froze on seeing his brother's grim reaper expression and contemplated in his heart ' Did I overdo it?'. So, he slowly lowered his head and continued to eat without looking at his brother anymore.

" Li Na, your fifth brother is joking"

Xuan Li Na is depressed " What? I thought I can play with a girl.."

" There are many girls at the imperial academy.." Xuan Li Wei is tired

" I don't like them. They all come near me to ask about you and fifth brother. I hate those who eye on my precious brothers" the little girl puffed her cheeks and everyone in the room laughed.

Jun Hu Rui looked at her son's expressions and sighed in heart helplessly. Jun Moyin already told her everything that happened. So, she thought for a while before carefully asking " Wei'er, I heard you used sacred order for a girl. Who is it?"


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