My Beautiful Commander
40 She“s like you
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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40 She“s like you

Xuan Li Wei did not think twice before answering " Xia Lian and her little brother.." he took a scroll from his robes and gave it to his mother.

Jun Hu Rui opened the scroll and froze for a moment before speaking " Ming Yu's kids?"

Xuan Li Wei looked at his mother's expression " Yes Mother, father asked me to protect them when I met with him today. You are friends with lady Hua, you don't know about her kids?". Xuan Li Wei did not understand why his mother is surprised on seeing them.

" We are good friends. But, things change after marriage. This one did not see Ming Yu for many years. I heard that she had two kids, but I never saw them." Jun Hu Rui spoke in a depressed voice and she suddenly turned fierce " She was almost driven to death by that bastard.. If Ming Yu had died I would have wiped out the entire Xia family without a second thought."

Xuan Li Wei looked at his mother " Mother, who did father promise to?"

Jun Hu Rui froze for a moment before looking at her son " Don't worry about such trivial matters. Your father must have a reason to keep it a secret. So, focus on protecting them well."

Jun Hu Rui suddenly looked at him with eager eyes " How are the kids? Are they looking good and healthy?"

" They are healthy now. Don't worry mother." Xuan Li Wei spoke while eating.

Jun Hu Rui remembered something and looked at Jun Moyin. Jun Moyin winked at her. So, she cleared her throat " So, used sacred order for Xia Lian.."

" Hmm.." Xuan Li Wei nodded while eating.

" So, tell me about her.."

Xuan Li Wei stopped eating and thought for a while. He remembered her anxious and fierce appearance and chuckled. He looked at his mother and answered with a smile " She has her mother's looks and her temper is similar to yours. Mother, She is very similar to you."

Jun Hu Rui stared blankly at her son's smile, but she understood one thing very clearly. She smiled and nodded at him without speaking.

" Mother, I finished everything. I will rest for a while." Xuan Li Wei left the room after his mother nodded.

" Mother, big brother is taken isn't he?" Jun Moyin asked

Jun Hu Rui pondered for a while and spoke resolutely " Hmm.. I don't care if he realizes his heart or not. She will be your sister-in-law. "

Jun Moyin and Xuan Li Na stopped eating and stared at her. Jun Hu Rui looked at their puzzled expressions and sighed " Not every man can find a girl similar to his mother. If one feels that way, he should never let go of her. Your brother is not experienced in matters of love.. Moyin you should fan the flames between them as you told me that the girl is also a bit dense like Wei'er."

Jun Moyin was waiting to hear these words. So, upon getting his mother's signal, he stood up excitedly and grinned at his mother " Don't you worry mother. I will take care of them."

Xuan Li Na looked at Jun Moyin with bright eyes " Big brother, you should take me with you. I want to see my sister-in-law."

" Of course little one.. I will take you.." Jun Moyin tickled the little girl and the girl squealed loudly. Jun Hu Rui sighed helplessly and went to the kitchen to cook meals for these brats.

Xuan Li Wei changed into white robes and sat on a chair thinking deeply.

' Lady Hua is mother's friend. But, that is not the reason why father is so adamant on protecting them. Who exactly did father promise?'

' Let it be.. I will know when the time comes..'

Xuan Li Wei closed his eyes to rest for a while. Xuan Li Wei remembered those pair of bright eyes. It's as if those eyes bewitched him. He could not forget those eyes no matter how hard he tried. He got up and sighed for the nth time.

Xuan Li Wei sighed while tapping his fingers on the table. No one knew what exactly is going on in his mind.


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