My Beautiful Commander
41 The hunter 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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41 The hunter 1

Xuan Li Wei busied himself searching the imperial capital if there are any hidden passages. He did not find anything suspicious even after searching for an entire month. So, he confirmed that Azure country's target is the eastern barracks army.

Xuan Li Wei met with his father to discuss about his plans. Both of them discussed for a long time.

" Father, I will be leaving tomorrow. I should clearly check the military barracks. We cannot make a mistake this time."

" Alright, but take care of yourself.." Xuan Li Wang was worried more about his son than the army. He is very confident about his son's abilities. As long as it is in hands, he is assured that it is very safe.

Xuan Li Wei nodded and bowed slightly taking his leave.

On the next day morning, Xuan Li Wei and Jun Moyin had a hard time consoling their little sister before leaving. Both of them were able to leave only after promising her that they would take her with them next time.

On the other hand..

" Sis, today let's catch some fish.."

" Alright.." Xia Lian chuckled.

" Also, let's hunt down a deer. I want to eat roasted deer meat again.."

Xia Lian : "...." Isn't this bunny too excited?

All these days Xia Lian had been practicing archery and swordsmanship. She honed her skills after practising rigorously these days. Also, after practising for two weeks in addition to her past life's experience, Xia Lian's archery improved a lot. So, she started to hunt to eat fresh meat.

Xia Lian tried to persuade her little bunny to stay at home obediently, but he adamantly refused. Finally Xia Ming won and he accompanied her in her hunting trips. Xia Ming hugged her back like a koala bear during her hunting.

On the first day, he was shocked on seeing the blood. How can a three year old stand the sight of blood? Xia Lian had a headache on that day as she was not able to stop his cries. It took her three days to pacify the little one. After understanding that death and blood are common, Xia Ming started to accompany her again.

Slowly he got used to it and now he's literally waiting to hunt something down. Xia Lian sighed on seeing the changes in her little bunny.

' What little bunny? In two years it will become a deadly bunny..' Xia Lian chuckled while preparing her bow and arrows.

" Get on little one.." Xia Lian bent on her knees before Xia Ming.

Xia Ming climbed on her back with his hands around her shoulders and legs circling her waist. Xia Lian stood up and tied a cloth around both of their bodies to make sure that Xia Ming doesn't fall down and hurt himself.

Xia Lian walked happily while humming a song and her face darkened on hearing her brother's words " Sis, why can't we see a deer today.."

' Why will they be around here after we killed three of them?' Xia Lian shook her head helplessly and smiled " Let's go deep into the forest.."

Xia Lian walked into the forest but she was not able to find even a single deer.. But Xia Lian found many wild berries and grapes. So, she happily plucked them and filled her sack with them. Xia Lian searched for a long time before breaking the little one's heart " Ming, no deer roasted meat today.."

Xia Ming pouted but he did not say anything as he saw everything with his eyes. Xia Lian tilted her head sideways and caught the sight of his pouting face. She sighed and rubbed her temples.

" Ming, how about duck meat or pigeon soup?"

Xia Ming furrowed his brows thinking seriously. Xia Lian controlled her laughter with great difficulty. After thinking for a while, he looked at her with shining eyes " Pigeon soup.."

Xia Lian secretly gulped on seeing his bright eyes.' It seems that today I have to catch pigeons at any cost..'

" Pigeons.. Oh my dear pigeons.. Please make a sound so that I can hunt you down.." Xia Lian started singing whatever that came to her mouth.

" Sis, let's play animal game if you are bored.." Xia Ming rolled his eyes on hearing her song.

" Humph.. alright.." Xia Lian snorted and opened her mouth " Lion.."

" Roar.." Xia Ming imitated it's voice.

" Duck"

" Quack.. Quack.." Xia Ming quacked.

" Horse"

" Neigh.."

Xia Lian smirked " Frog.."

Xia Ming: " No frog, i hate frogs.."

" hehe.. you lost the game then.." Xia Lian guffawed.

" Croak.. Croak.." Xia Ming immediately made sounds like a frog. Xia Ming did not want to loose to his sister.

" Alright, you won.." Xia Lian praised the boy making him blush hard like a red tomato.

Xia Lian wanted to tease him more but she stopped on hearing a sound.

' Pigeons..' Xia Lian danced in her heart and immediately notched the arrows on her bow.


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