My Beautiful Commander
42 The hunter 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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42 The hunter 2

Xia Lian turned to her right side and released the arrow into the air..

" Thunk.." a fat pigeon fell on the ground.

Xia Lian notched three arrows and let them loose after turning around...

" Thunk.."

" Thunk.."

" Thunk.." three pigeons fell on the ground.

" Hahaha.. today we reaped plenty of rewards.." Xia Lian laughed happily.

Xia Ming was naturally happy as he was grinning till his eyes turned into crescents.

Xia Lian collected her trophies and both of them returned back with Xia Ming still hugging his sister like a koala bear..

Xia Lian stretched her body after placing the little bunny down. Recently, due to Xia Lian's cooking and extra care, he developed meat on his cheeks and now he looked like a chubby bunny. Xia Lian's cheeks also had some rosy glow now and she looked cute and healthy.

Xia Lian took care of cleaning, dressing and cutting of the pigeon. Xia Ming did the job of washing the neatly cut pieces with water. Xia Ming watched as Xia Lian busied herself in making pigeon soup and roasted meat. After finishing cooking, Xia Lian arranged the meat in porcelain dishes and went to her master's house with Xia Ming. Xia Ming carried a fat book in his arms.

Recently, Xia Lian started cooking for her master and aunt Qian as they liked her cooking. So, they started eating together everyday.

" Master and aunty.." Xia Lian cooed..

Aunt Qian came forward and helped her to arrange all the dishes on the table. Aunt Qian looked at the girl in front of her. In the beginning, she was frail and weak. But, now the girl had some fat on her body and her heart shaped face had a rosy glow making her look extremely adorable. Aunt Qian could not help but pinch the girl's cheeks.

" Aunty.." Xia Lian cried. Everyday Aunt Qian is pinching her cheeks ah!

" Hehe.. You are too cute to resist dear.." Aunt Qian chuckled on seeing the girls puffy cheeks. She pinched Xia Lian's cheeks again " With your puffy cheeks, you are looking cuter than usual.."

Xia Lian : "..." Defeated before Aunt Qian's sugar coated words..

Xia Lian secretly wondered if Aunt Qian is a man in her past life. Her flirting skills are very good ah! Xia Lian learned many things from her..

" Stop teasing her now.." Wu Gong sighed on seeing their antics. They finished the meal in a harmonious atmosphere. Xia Lian and aunt Qian cleaned the table. After cleaning the table, Xia Lian sat before her master with a serious expression on her face.

Wu Gong raised his brows " What is it?"

Xia Lian took the book from Xia Ming's hand and placed it before him. Wu Gong flipped through the book and his face showed an incredulous expression. The book contained detailed descriptions of surgical processes and clear illustrations of human body and its parts.

Wu Gong lifted his head to look at the girl before him. He didn't know what to speak. ' Who exactly is the disciple here?' thinking this he chuckled.

" Master, I don't have any money to pay the fee. So, please accept this book.." Xia Lian rubbed her nose awkwardly.

' When did he ask for fee? This brat is so embarrassed to give him the book directly.. So, she is using these excuses..' Wu Gong sighed and went along with her act.

" It's alright.." . Xia Lian sighed in relief and looked at him with puppy dog eyes now..

" Tell me what do you want now?" Wu Gong face-palmed on seeing her pleading face.

" Master, I want you to take care of Ming for a week..."

" What do you want to do?" Wu Gong frowned.

" I want to go deep into the forest. I read in the book that there are many treasures in the forest.."

" No, it's dangerous." Wu Gong interrupted her in the middle.

" Master, I need to face dangers to increase my strength. Also, my skills are more than enough to go in there. I can't take Ming with me as it is dangerous for him. Master, I am going and you are going to take care of him." Xia Lian folded her arms across her chest and glared at him.

" Humph.. Why are you asking me after you decided.." Wu Gong snorted." Come back safely.." Wu Gong could not help but be worried about her.

" When are you leaving?"

" I will leave today after packing some things.."

Wu Gong : "..."


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