My Beautiful Commander
45 In the forest 3
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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45 In the forest 3

Xia Lian found a sturdy tree with a hole in its trunk. She placed her bag and wooden box in the hole and hanged her bow on a branch. Xia Lain stretched her legs after sitting on a fat branch. She slowly leaned her back on the trunk of the tree while checking her surroundings.

Xia Lian opened her eyes and removed the wooden hair pin from her hair and threw it inside the hole in tree. Her silky jet black hair cascaded down along her shoulders. Xia Lian gathered her hair along her left shoulder and closed her eyes.

Xia Lian struggled for a while before falling asleep. Even after sleeping, Xia Lian squinted her eyes and moved whenever she heard a small sound.

" Can't sleep properly.. hmm.." a husky voice tinged with mirth sounded out in the silent night making Xia Lian's brows furrow further. On seeing her eyelashes tremble, a pair of warm hands tapped on several points on her neck and forehead. Xia Lian's breathing became steady and she fell into a deep sleep.

A pair of eyes watched the girl sleep peacefully as her hair gently swayed along with the wind. Her hair had natural curls at its ends and they looked pretty as they danced along with the wind.

Her cheeks had a faint and healthy rosy glow. Her slightly parted crimson red lips looked like soft flower petals. A hand reached out and traced along her long curvy eyelashes as they caused the fingers to itch slightly.

The moonlight reflected on her white jade skin making her look like a moon goddess. Her features looked gentle and soft under the moonlight.

" So, the tigress can turn into a gentle bunny.." Xuan Li Wei mumbled on remembering Jun Moyin's words.

Xuan Li Wei looked at the girl's small nose which turned into a bright shade of red due to the cold. He didn't know why but he found her very cute. He sub-consciously raised his hand and pinched her small nose gently.

Even though he pinched her nose with a little force, her nose turned into a shade brighter. Xuan Li Wei chuckled and pinched her nose again " This is your punishment for making me your guard for the entire day."

Xuan Li Wei removed his hand only after her nose looked like a ripe tomato. He got up and sat on the branch of a tree opposite her. He choose that spot so that he can watch her clearly. He leaned against the tree with his arms folded across his chest.

Xuan Li Wei tilted his head slightly and continued to observe the girl before him. His hazel brown eyes reflected her serene image under the moonlight and his thoughts trailed off..

Xuan Li Wei left his horse in the middle of the forest and he used his qing qong to quickly enter the forest area near Azure country. But, he stopped on hearing the lines " oranges.. oh my oranges.. how round and beautiful you are..". He didn't know why but he felt funny on hearing someone singing those words. So, he turned his head in that direction only to find this girl plucking the oranges while humming a weird tune.

His lips sub-consciously curved up on seeing her bounce around happily. He was clearly worried about this girl from the day he left her and his worried heart settled a bit after listening to Moyin's words. But, he clearly understood what relief is, after seeing her with his own eyes.

The girl didn't sense him as her martial arts level is lower than his. He didn't know why but he decided to follow her. But, he minimized his presence while following her because he did not dare to under-estimate this girl.

He saw her dissolve the silver silkworms web without much effort. He was pleasantly surprised on seeing her skills as she was the first one to obtain those silkworms.

He followed her thinking what else she can do and stopped in his tracks on seeing her stop near a waterfall. He leaned against a tree observing her wash her face and hands. He watched her eat those oranges and rest for a while. He raised his brows on seeing her stretch her body like a lazy cat.

He hid at the back of the tree when he saw her turn around. He waited for a while before coming out from the back of the tree.

He saw her loosen her hair as she threw the hair pin on the ground. He did not understand her actions as she was standing with her back faced towards him and her long and thick hair covered all her hand movements.


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