My Beautiful Commander
46 In the forest 4
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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46 In the forest 4

He continued to look at her as he tried to understand what she is doing. But, his entire body froze after seeing her next actions. He saw her strip off her outer robe and discard it to her side. The robe laid on the ground in a pitiful shape..

Xuan Li Wei stood on the spot as if he was frozen. Xia Lian's hair moved to the side due to the wind exposing her fair and smooth shoulders as she busied herself in removing her inner robes. That sight bought Xuan Li Wei out of his shock and he immediately turned around and escaped from the place at an alarming speed.

His ears and cheeks turned into a suspicious shade of red and he felt his body temperature rising up rapidly. Xuan Li Wei stopped walking and patted against his chest to calm his thumping heart.

Xuan Li Wei realized that the girl is bathing alone.. He gritted his teeth and immediately turned around and stopped at a safe distance. He leaned against the tree with his back facing the waterfall.

Xuan Li Wei sighed helplessly and stood on guard. ' This girl is truly careless..' he cursed her in his heart.

Xuan Li Wei's highly sensitive ears caught the girls singing voice..

May be due to the embarrassing situation earlier, Xuan Li Wei's face turned beet red on hearing the girl's voice. He was scared witless on seeing her strip off her clothes and he was unable to react on time. He could not help but shudder on what might have happened if he reacted lately and if the girl saw him looking at her..

He would then be called a pervert, right?

Xuan Li Wei shook his head to get rid of all the ridiculous thoughts. The girl remained under water for a long time, making it increasingly difficult for Xuan Li Wei.

A beautiful girl bathing under a waterfall.. He is a man after all.. How could he not get any thoughts ah!

Only he knew how many times he controlled his impulse to turn around. He mentally berated himself.. It seems that he is really becoming a pervert..

Xuan Li Wei never felt this attracted to any girl before. He could not understand why he is getting these impulses whenever he is around this girl..

' She is just a 12 year old child..' Xuan Li Wei smiled helplessly ' Wait! Am I a beast?.. Having designs on a child..'

' You can wait till she grows up..' at this time Jun Moyin's face floated in his mind as if encouraging him to devour the girl. Xuan Li Wei shook his head and started thinking about the military tactics to divert his mind..

Xuan Li Wei never felt so tired in his life.. He would never forget this day in his life as he experienced a myriad of emotions due to this girl..

After a while, he did not hear any sounds coming from the girl. He could not help but worry about her. But, he did not have the courage to walk towards her. After debating within himself for a while, he slowly walked towards the girl.

Xuan Li Wei felt extremely nervous with every step forward.. But, he face-palmed on seeing the girl sleeping peacefully leaning against a rock..

His face darkened on seeing the girl's wet hair..

' What if she catches a cold?' he frowned on that thought and moved slowly towards her as he did not want to disturb her. He took her wet hair in his hands and used his internal energy to dry her hair..

After making sure that her hair is dried completely, he left the place.

Xuan Li Wei did not get restless or irritated when he is guarding her, instead he felt a peace of heart, as if his heart is contended with just looking at her..

Xuan Li Wei looked at her fixedly, when she got up and ran her fingers through her hair. She looked breath-taking at that moment!

' Oh God! What's gotten into me..' Xuan Li Wei smiled wryly and sighed.


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