My Beautiful Commander
47 A new side of her 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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47 A new side of her 1

Thus, a cold faced and iron hearted general acted as a guard for a little girl, sacrificing his sleep. If Jun Moyin witnessed these scenes he would have surely teased his brother with all his might.

Xia Lian squinted her eyes because of the glaring sunlight above her head. Xia Lian sat straight and rested her face on her palm. Her eyes were still misty as she rubbed her eyes.

Xia Lian suddenly widened her eyes and looked at her bright surroundings. She did not understand why she was able to sleep so well. It felt as if she slept after taking sleeping pills. She thought for a while but she was not able to remember anything. Whatever may be the reason, she felt refreshed after sleeping like a log. She stretched her body and squealed in delight " It's been a long while since I slept like a pig.."

Xia Lian did not know that a certain someone is watching her every expression clearly. Xuan Li Wei's lips curved up on hearing her words.

He watched her tie her hair up. She looked like a fresh lotus with no make up, and she looked very pleasing to his eyes. He stared at her without blinking his eyes.

Xia Lian and Xuan Li Wei frowned as they both heard the sounds of footsteps approaching in their direction. Xuan Li Wei's smile widened as he watched Xia Lian hide in the trees agilely.

" Hehe.. this time that damn Qilin country is going to experience a shock because of us.." a man dressed in green robes smiled.

" Hmm.. this time that Qilin country's soldiers are dumb.." another one chorused.

Xia Lian squinted her eyes to look at them. Her lips slowly curled up on seeing the embroidered cloud patterns on their robes " Oh! So, these are Azure country's minions.."

Xia Lian raised her brows and cursed in a low voice " Who are you calling dumb eh?!"

Though she lowered her voice, Xuan Li Wei heard her words clearly and he looked at the girl with amusement in his eyes.

Xia Lian smirked evilly as she covered her face with a black cloth. She looked like a young boy as she is dressed in martial arts outfit with her hair tied up as a bun. She took her bow from the branch and leaped from one tree to another following those bunch of idiots. Xuan Li Wei calmly followed this reckless brat with a smile on his face.

Xia Lian face dropped after hearing their endless and meaning less chatter. ' Are these fools really soldiers? Not even one of them is able to sense that someone is following them..'

Xia Lian really wanted to play with them for a while. How dare they insult her country's soldiers ah! But, these fools are so care-free and Xia Lian lost her interest in them quickly..

" Brother Yan, I heard that there is a ghost in this forest.."

Xia Lian's ears perked up on hearing this. Now, this caught her interest ah! She liked that fool who started this topic.

" What ghosts! Don't tell me you are afraid of them?" Yan mocked him. Xia Lian's lips formed an evil smirk and she lazily stretched her body as an idea formed in her mind.

Xuan Li Wei looked at girl's eyes that are shining brightly as if she caught her favorite prey.

Xia Lian cupped her hands around her mouth and made an eerie sound " Ooooo...". That sound coupled with the cool breeze made the situation look more spooky than usual.

" Eeek.. What is that sound?" Yan who acted high and mighty earlier was the first one to freak out.

The men around him looked at him with disdain, but soon their faces showed traces of panic as they heard crying sounds.. The group of men formed a defensive circle with their swords in their hands.. They looked as if they are ready to cut down anyone who comes before them..

Xia Lian rolled her eyes on seeing their exaggerated actions. She continued to make weird sounds and the group of fools almost ended up crying.

" A bunch of fools who freaked out on hearing a sound and you dare slander our soldiers.." Xia Lian scoffed at them. Xia Lian did not make any sounds further and the group of men moved quickly as if they were fleeing for their lives.

Xia Lian followed them with a dark expression on her face.

Xuan Li Wei followed the girl with an extremely funny expression on his face. This girl even has a naughty side ah! His eyes became teary as he tried hard to control his laughter on seeing her weird actions earlier..


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