My Beautiful Commander
48 A new side of her 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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48 A new side of her 2

Xia Lian stopped tailing those bunch of fools on seeing them enter a cave. Xia Lian casually leaned against the tree with her hands across her chest. She was sure that they are doing something sneaky.

Xia Lian thought for a while and gave up the idea of entering the cave recklessly. So, she sat on a branch with her face propped up on her palm. She was waiting for them to come out.

Xia Lian felt bored after waiting for a long while. Just when she was about to get up, she heard them coming out..

Xia Lian perked up her ears to hear their chatter.. Xuan Li Wei casually leaned on a tree observing everything before him. His sharp gaze fell on those fools who are currently rejoicing.

" Hehe.. this time without the eastern barracks, Qilin country will be like a tiger without its claws.."

" Don't talk such things casually.. It's not good to speak such things out loud." a young but sensible soldier rebuked them. Xia Lian looked at that young man for a moment before turning away.

" Peh! You are such a wimp.. Who will come here and listen to us?" another fool butted in.

Suddenly, Xia Lian felt sorry for their general. It's really a pity to have such fools in one's army.

" When their army falls down, we can play with their women.." a burly man licked his lips.

" Hmm.. last time we did not have fun to our heart's content.. This time we can look for young girls. What do you say?" Yan smirked.

" Yes, it's been a long time since I used ropes and my whip.." the burly man spoke with a huge smile on his face.

" Isn't it a wrong thing to defile women?" the young man who rebuked them earlier spoke again.

" If you can't shut that mouth of yours, I will gladly silence you." Yan spoke while choking the young lad before him. The young man struggled as his face turned into a dangerous shade of bluish-purple color. Only when he was completely out of air, Yan released him.

Xia Lian's face turned colder after hearing their words. Xia Lian snorted coldly in her heart after looking at the man named Yan.

Yan and the burly man resumed their perverted talk and the others joined them. Only one of them stayed near the young man who was almost strangled to death earlier.

From their talks, Xia Lian understood that each and every one of them destroyed the lives of many women. Then again she looked at the two young men who stood away from this awful group. She pondered for a while and immediately leaped from one tree to another and stopped on a tree below which those two men were sitting.

Xia Lian took two darts from her sleeves and leaped down. Yan and the company turned on hearing two shrieks behind them. They were surprised to see those two young lads lying on the ground as if they are in deep sleep. They searched around the entire area but they did not find anyone.

Xia Lian had a cold look in her eyes. Her gaze looked so terrifying that even Xuan Li Wei was rooted on the spot staring at her stupidly.

Xia Lian looked at the panicked bunch of soon-to-be corpses below her and her lips curved up. Xuan Li Wei looked at her blood thirsty smile and his lips slowly curved up. ' Are you a fierce tigress, gentle bunny or a bloodthirsty demon?'

Xia Lian notched four arrows on her bow and released them. The arrows sliced through the air making a low sound and it pierced through the bones and flesh leading to ear-piercing cries..

The group of men had horrified look on their faces as they saw Yan and the burly man crouched on the ground with two arrows pierced deeply in both of their knees. Looking at the degree of injury, anyone can tell that their legs are now useless and they are crippled for life.

Everyone secretly gulped and looked at their surroundings with increasing terror in their hearts.


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