My Beautiful Commander
54 My friend, I“m there for you..
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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54 My friend, I“m there for you..

Xia Lian dragged Yan and the burly man and tied them to a tree using the whip as a rope. She was sure that they cannot even lift a finger in their state. But, in order to be safe she tied them to the tree.

Xuan Li Wei looked at the two sleeping figures under a tree two steps away from them. " Are you not going to kill them?"

Xia Lian followed his gaze and sighed " I am not a monster.. They didn't know anything wrong. So, why would I kill them?"

" I gave them sleeping medicine. They will not wake up for another three hours. Alright, let's go.." Xia Lian dusted her hands and looked at Xuan Li Wei.

Xuan Li Wei nodded and both of them moved towards the cave.

Great one was not able to endure anymore and shouted at the top of his voice " Why are they going into the cave? Hey brat, if you dare touch my master I will chop your head off.. Don't try to seduce my master again.." but in his heart he secretly vowed ' Our general belongs only to our goddess..'

Remaining five guards : "..." This guy has gone mad.. Did he not want to live any more?

Xuan Li Wei and Xia Lian were both stunned and they stopped walking on hearing those outrageous words. Xia Lian's mouth twitched on hearing those words and she looked at the man beside her " Do you like men?"

Xuan Li Wei felt his veins popping on his forehead and his face immediately darkened. Xia Lian now confirmed that his extreme reaction is because her words are true. So, she quickly consoled him " Don't worry.. As a friend I will support you in the future, if you find your other half.. Also, I will keep my mouth shut unlike those fools of yours. Wait and watch.. let me teach them a lesson.." Xia Lian took her bow after speaking those words.

Xuan Li Wei was shocked beyond words and he remained like a statue in that position for a long while before recovering. ' How did it turn out like this? Now, am I a cut-sleeve in her eyes..' he lamented in his heart.

Xia Lian shot at those six guards in such a way that the arrows landed either before their feet or they passed above their head. She made them run till they are two steps away from them. All the six teenagers looked at the puny brat before them and secretly gulped.

" You dumb fellas.. Even if your master is a cut-sleeve, you should keep your mouths shut. Also, don't worry this young master has no interest in men. I am interested in pretty women." Xia Lian then looked at each one of them before speaking in a menacing voice " If you guys spout such nonsense again, I don't mind sewing your mouths.."

Xuan Li Wei did not know if he should be happy or sad.. His little girl is protecting him.. But, she clearly misunderstood everything ah!

Xia Lian then turned to look at Xuan Li Wei " Li Wei, you are my friend. So, don't worry I will protect you.. But, you are not allowed to have any feelings towards this young master..". Xuan Li Wei started to correct her " It's not what you are thinking.."

Xia Lian just brushed him off by waving her hands " No need to say anymore.. I can understand your aggrieved heart Li Wei.. "

Xuan Li Wei rubbed his forehead.. This girl is not even willing to listen.. He finally decided to shut his mouth, but his brain is working hard on how to tell her..

Xia Lian turned to look at the six teenagers before her who are looking at her as if she is a monster. She laughed hard in spite of herself. All of them heard her bell like laughter and stared at her like fools. Due to her extreme movements earlier, the knots of her mask became loose. A slight breeze flowed making her mask tilt down a little.

Xia Lian removed her mask as she felt that the knots have loosened. These six teenagers opened their mouths in shock on seeing her face. How could they forget her? They are her biggest fans ah! Now, they understood the situation..

Great one was the most excited of all.. On seeing that he was about to spout some nonsense again the remaining five guards blocked his mouth with their hands and pulled him to a safe distance.

They formed a circle and spoke in whispers " We misunderstood.. It's our goddess.. Now I understand why our general is like an obedient cat before her.. "

Everyone looked at great one with anger " You and your stupid mouth.. Now our general is a cut-sleeve in her eyes..."

Great one lowered his head and spoke slowly " I can clear this misunderstanding.."

The remaining five immediately refused his stupid idea " No need to create additional problems for our general.. We made a huge mistake, so now we will try to support our general as much as possible.."

They turned around only to find that their general and their goddess are looking at them.. or rather glaring at them..


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