My Beautiful Commander
57 Couldn“t help liking her 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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57 Couldn“t help liking her 1

Xuan Li Wei walked inside holding the fuming bunny's hand. The smell of gunpowder became more intense with every step they took forward.

" Aish.. I really want to take a good look, but we cannot use fire.." Xia Lian was frustrated.

On hearing her words Xuan Li Wei stopped and released her hand. He fished his robes and he placed a glowing thing in her hands.

Xia Lian was fascinated with this seemingly LED bulb like thing. So, she asked curiously " What is this thing?"

" Night pearl..."

' Wait, if he had this thing with him why didn't he take it out earlier?' Xia Lian's face darkened as she asked in a menacing voice " Why didn't you take this out when we were on the stairs?"

" I forgot.." Xuan Li Wei feigned innocence.

" You.." Xia Lian was so angry as she pointed her finger at him in an accusing way. But, she managed to say only that word as Xuan Li Wei shamelessly pulled her into his embrace.

" Why are you so frustrated? " Xuan Li Wei bent forward so that their faces are only a finger's width apart. Xia Lian was frozen by his sudden movement and she remained like a statue looking at those shining hazel brown eyes. Xuan Li Wei stared her widened jet black almond eyes which appeared more enchanting under the light of the night pearl.

A man and a girl stood still as if time had come to a stop staring into the other's eyes... The hazy light of the night pearl made the scene look like a beautiful painting.

" We are both men.. What are you scared of?" Xuan Li Wei broke the silence.

" Or.. Are you actually a girl?" this time Xuan Li Wei whispered in her ear.

" Huh?" Xia Lian did not understand as she was still shocked by this man.

" Say.. you are actually a girl and you fell for this master, right?" Xuan Li Wei said while poking the mask on her nose area. It looked as if he was playing with her nose.

Xia Lian slapped his finger away and moved a bit closer pulling him towards her in the process. Xuan Li Wei was stunned as their noses are almost touching and his body froze when he saw her black eyes staring right at him.

" Don't you worry.. Girl or boy.. It doesn't matter as this one will never fall in love with you.." Xia Lian spoke in an enchanting voice.

Xia Lian did not spare another glance at this shameless man as she pushed him away with a single hand. Then without any care she moved forward with the night pearl in her hand observing her surroundings.

Xuan Li Wei took a few steps backward as he straightened himself. He then stared at the tiny figure before him.. Her back was straight and she moved as if she did not give a damn about anyone.. She had her own pride and her whole being so confident that he found it difficult to look away from her.. May be this is the reason why he was coming to like her more and more..

Xuan Li Wei stared at her back with a million thoughts in his mind.

" Li Wei, come here and take a look at these wooden crates.." Xia Lian's voice brought him out of his daze and he quickly walked towards her.

" You are not angry anymore?" Xuan Li Wei looked at the girl before him in amusement.

" Why would I be angry? Both of us like to banter with each other.." Xia Lian asked in confusion.

' Damn woman! you scared me..' he lamented in his heart.

" Let's open them.." Xuan Li Wei directly opened the box and Xia Lian lifted her toes to take a look forgetting their earlier conversation completely.

" Not bad, they actually made gunpowder balls. It seems that they are trying to blow up the entire army in this place.." Xia Lian spoke while looking at the several hundreds of crates before them.

Xuan Li Wei stayed silent for a while before he asked " How did you guess that the army is their target?"

" It's not a blind guess and I'm sure that the army is their target.." a confident voice answered back.

" Oh.. How so? Care to explain to me?" Xuan Li Wei was amused. Now, he found something truly interesting.


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