My Beautiful Commander
64 An Intense match 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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64 An Intense match 2

" Young master, is our goddess fighting our general?" great one looked at Jun Moyin with large puppy dog eyes.

" Can't you see?" Jun Moyin rolled his eyes at this fool. 'Wait till his big bro squash all these flies.. How dare they call his sister-in-law as their goddess?' he snorted in his heart and ignored the group of six behind him.

But, the six fellows are in no mood to notice a certain young master's attitude as their hearts are cheering for their goddess..

Meanwhile Xia Lian and Xuan Li Wei started to move slowly in circles, as both of them are observing the other party's moves and they are in no hurry to attack first..

Xia Lian tilted her body slightly and pointed her spear forward.. Coincidentally, Xuan Li Wei also made the same move at same time. Xia Lian's eyes fluttered slightly.. ' This match is going to be fun..' she thought to herself as she moved forward to strike fast. When the opponent is on par with you, you should give your all to bring him down or you die in their hands..' Xia Lian believed in this saying.

Xuan Li Wei moved forward with his spear pointing towards Xia Lian's throat. Xia Lian immediately tilted her spear and using both of her hands, she blocked his attack.

Using her strength she pushed him back. Xuan Li Wei took two steps backward before steadying himself. Xia Lian did not wait for him to recover, as she attacked his right leg. Xuan Li Wei slid to a side, dodging her attack..

Xia Lian smirked at him. ' Damn this woman! She knew that I can't block attacks on my lower body.. It seems I should fight seriously..' Xuan Li Wei decided in his heart on seeing her evil smirk.

One attacked while the other defended.. This series of attacks continued for a long time.. All the soldiers held their breaths and looked at the intense fight before them.

Xia Lian and Xuan Li Wei are now in their battle mode.. They had only each other in their eyes and they ignored their noisy surroundings. Both of them viewed the other as his or her prey..

Jun Moyin looked at the two who are now in a dead lock position. Both of them are pushing the other using all their strength, but the other refused to accept defeat..

His eyes were on the petite figure who is now facing against his brother who is hailed as the god of war.. She is in no way inferior to his brother.

" Truly made for each other.." Jun Moyin sub-consciously murmured on seeing the two stubborn figures.

All the soldiers who were present to watch the match are thoroughly excited now.. All of them were hot-blooded men who fought in many battles, so naturally they felt their blood boiling on seeing this match.. All of them cheered for their general and the young girl at the same time.. The atmosphere in the military turned extremely lively..

Xuan Li Wei was shocked in his heart on seeing this girl hold on for so long. He was clearly using his entire strength, but the girl did not seem to be affected at all.. Now, he truly admired her strength and he is sure that this girl will be his opponent in near future..

In truth, Xia Lian was affected by his strength. So, she tilted the spear obliquely while defending herself so as to reduce the impact on her hands. The trick helped her to stand up against him for quite a while. But now she started to feel the pain in her hands. But, this match really excited her nerves.. She had never involved herself in such an intense match before. Both of them have been fighting each other for about 30 min, but they are not able to hurt the other.. So, the pain in her hands is not able to hold her back as her mind is completely focused on the match.

" Clank.. Clank.." the sounds of metal clashing reverberated through the air.

Xia Lian blocked his spear using all her strength. She blocked his spear in such a weird angle that he was not able to push it away no matter how hard he tried. Xia Lian used this opening as she locked her leg with his bringing him to kneel on the ground.

But, due to her small stature she felt her legs a bit unsteady. Xuan Li Wei sensed her swaying and he sub-consciously circled her waist to prevent the back of her head hitting the ground just at the right moment. Xia Lian also hugged his neck with her right hand as if it's the natural thing to do.

Even at this stage, both of them did not forget to point the spears at each others throats.

By now both of them are covered in their sweat and they are panting due to the intense battle. But, the adrenaline rush in their bodies made them crave for more of this battle..

All the soldiers were seriously shaken on seeing this young girl fight so well.. Only they knew how difficult it is to fight their general.. Also, the general did not go easy on her and the girl did not loose even under such circumstances. Everyone looked at the girl in new light. Now, no one dared to think lightly of her anymore...


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