My Beautiful Commander
65 Broken hearts 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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65 Broken hearts 1

" Who is that young lady? She is able to make draw with our general.."

" Hmm.. our general did not go easy on her, but she was able to hold on for so long.." another one chimed in.

" It's a shame that even we old men are no match for her.."

The middle aged soldiers discussions are mostly about praising the young girl.

But, the younger generations are in a total frenzy now. Their hearts are totally smitten by the young girl's fierce skills.. These teenagers looked like love-struck fools..

Great one looked at this scene and frowned " Look at all these fools.. They are all admiring our goddess.."

" What's wrong with that? Anyone will admire her after seeing this match.." Great two rolled his eyes.

" But, they are clearly blushing.." great one gritted his teeth.

" Let them blush.. No one is a match for our general.. or are you doubting our general's capabilities?" great two accurately hit great one's sour spot..

" I have complete belief in our general.." great one relaxed and no longer worried about those flock of love-struck idiots..

On the other hand, Xuan Li Wei and Xia Lian remained in their highly ambiguous position.. They were still absorbed in their match as they did not notice that their position is very intimate.. Both of them are staring into the other's eyes which are reflecting their unwillingness to end the fight..

They remained in that position for about an half-an-incense stick of time..

Xuan Li Wei and Xia Lian smiled at each other as they both realized that they cannot defeat the other.. They did not notice any abnormalities in their actions. But, all the soldiers around the ground froze on seeing their general and the young girl smiling at each other while gazing into each other's eyes..

" Why am I feeling that the atmosphere turned hot all of a sudden?" Jun Moyin loosened his collar and fanned himself.. " My bro and sis-in-law, you are not alone dears.. Please stop being lovey-dovey in front of us.." Jun Moyin was feeling truly agitated on seeing their public display of affection.

What made him mad was that both of them are not aware of their actions. They are behaving as if it's a natural thing to do...

No matter what, they looked like a pair of lovers who met each other after a long time..

At that moment, no one dared to make even a single sound as if they are afraid that this beautiful scene would be disturbed. Even Jun Moyin stared at his brother with widened eyes.. 'His brother is good.. no, he is too good at flirting.. The most scary thing is that his godly ability is coming into play whenever sis Xia is around him.. '

" We both lost.." Xuan Li Wei's voice sounded mesmerizing as he looked at the girl who is smiling at him.

Xia Lian suddenly laughed on hearing his words. Her laugh sounded like the sweet sound of bells and it calmed the hearts of anyone who heard it. Xia Lian got up from his arms and waited till Xuan Li Wei straightened himself.

" It's my honor loosing to you. I am weaker than you.." Xia Lian accepted her defeat.

" Even in your weak state, you were able to hold me back. I truly respect you.." Xuan Li Wei spoke seriously.

Xia Lian looked at his serious attitude and she could not help but smile gently " Thank you.."

At this moment all the young soldiers who experienced the joy of their first love felt a sharp pain in their hearts.. That's right with their general around, who can dare to have any ideas about her.. Also, either in terms of looks or strength only their general is qualified to stand by her side.. So, slowly everyone buried their first love deep in their hearts as they started to wish the best for this couple..

" Both of you get out of my sight!"

Xia Lian and Xuan Li Wei tilted their heads and a furious Jun Moyin came into their view. Before they could ask him, he continued to speak in a reprimanding tone " How can you both flirt in broad daylight? Please keep in your mind that there are many single dogs here.. We are almost unable to bear the sweetness.."

" Young master, please control yourself. I still feel that the sweetness is not enough.." Great one then turned to look at Xuan Li Wei " General, you can continue your business.. We will be leaving.." After finishing speaking great one dragged Jun Moyin away from the scene..

Xia Lian and Xuan Li Wei remained rooted at their spots with darkened faces.


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