My Beautiful Commander
66 Broken hearts 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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66 Broken hearts 2

" Young master, did I act well?" Great one looked at Jun Moyin with anticipation.

" Hmm.. You did well.. Remember we both are partners in this secret mission of pairing my big bro with sis Xia.." Jun Moyin smiled evilly.

" Yes, young master. It's our duty to bring them together as both are dense in their own ways.." great one curled his fists and made a pledge on that day..

" This brat is seriously lacking a beating.." Xia Lian snorted. Xuan Li Wei laughed on hearing her address Jun Moyin as a brat. Xia Lian was caught off guard on seeing his laugh.. ' How can a man be so good looking?' Xia Lian felt bitter in her heart. ' I am completely out-shadowed by this man.. This is the problem with good looking people..'

" Now what are you planning?" Xuan Li Wei sub-consciously crossed his arms around his chest on seeing the bitter resentment on the little girl's face.

' Am I a demon in his eyes.. Bro, you should not be taking jokes too seriously.. alright?' Xia Lian face-palmed.

Xia Lian did not speak anything as she quietly made her way towards the tent with Xuan Li Wei following her with a slight smile on his face..

" Did you see that? Our ge..general smiled..."

" Of course he will smile only before the young lady.."

Many of the young soldiers sat on the ground drawing circles with a twig.. They wanted to speak with the young girl, but with their general following her they did not dare to even look at her.. Their general is being over-protective.

Once again, they felt their hearts being broken..

" General, messenger birds arrived.." a young soldier spoke timidly as he did not want to disturb their time. But, Xuan Li Wei did not mind and he nodded at the young soldier before looking at Xia Lian " You can take a tour around the camp.. If you are tired, you can rest in my tent.."

Xia Lian nodded and waved at Xuan Li Wei before he left. She then started to walk around the camp. Seeing the soldiers in this life, brought a wave of nostalgia over her. Xia Lian breathed deeply as she slowly walked while appreciating her surroundings.

Xia Lian was greeted warmly by many of the middle aged and old soldiers. She also treated them respectfully. On seeing that this girl is not like the arrogant young ladies, the soldiers respected her even more.

Xia Lian did not understand why the young soldiers avoided her like a plague. She can sense their gazes on her.. but when she turned to greet them they started to run away from her..

Some of them did not flee like others, but their faces turned into a scarlet shade when she smiled at them. Also, they immediately turned their heads away on seeing her smile. ' Is my smile that scary?' Xia Lian couldn't help but wonder.

" Hurricane.." a shout brought her back from her thoughts.

Xia Lian found Jun Moyin stroking a black horse in the stables. ' Brat, I found you.. I should give a good lesson so that you will keep your mouth in control..' Xia Lian curled her fists.

" Hurricane, calm down boy.." Jun Moyin tried to calm down the horse which is becoming slowly agitated.

But, the horse started to get mad with each second. Xia Lian felt something wrong as she saw that the horse is behaving weirdly.. She looked at the idiot who is still in front of the horse..

Without a second thought, Xia Lian rushed forward and pushed Jun Moyin out of the way. Jun Moyin only felt someone push him and he lifted his head to see the person before him.

But, his heart almost stopped beating when he saw the horse charge towards Xia Lian to crush her with it's legs..

" Sis Xia!.." Jun Moyin screamed with a pale face as he never felt such panic in his life. He immediately rushed forward into the stables as he was not able to see Xia Lian's figure.

Some of the soldiers came to the stables on hearing the screams.. But, they paled on seeing the situation.

" I will call our general.. Something's wrong with hurricane.." one of the soldier started running on seeing the horse behaving abnormally.


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