My Beautiful Commander
67 Who had such courage? 1
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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67 Who had such courage? 1

Xia Lian looked at the horse which is out of control. She escaped narrowly due to her petite frame, if it is Moyin he would have been crushed like a patty..

Xia Lian immediately took out her needles and pierced them at several places on it's body. Xia Lian almost got crushed twice in the process of inserting her needles.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Jun Moyin rushing into the stable. She felt a warmth in her heart, but she immediately shouted making him stop in his tracks " Stop there.. I'm alright and I am trying to control this mad horse.." Xia Lian smacked the horse's butt while speaking.

Hurricane snorted as if it's disapproving her touch.. Xia Lian raised her brows and observed the horse which calmed down for the moment.

Her gaze stopped at it's ears and legs.. Xia Lian's face slowly turned cold as she sternly ordered " I need fire.."

The soldiers looked at her cold expression as they sub-consciously nodded and started to carry out her orders..

" Also, do you have hay wort grass in your storage?" Xia Lain looked at the soldier who is looking at her with a foolish expression. On seeing that he nodded, Xia Lian spoke " Get me a few stalks of it and prepare the materials for grinding."

A soldier returned with a long and thin stick which is lit with fire at one end and handed it over to her. Xia Lian crouched down with the stick in her hands..

One of the soldiers was about to stop her from using fire, but he remained silent on receiving a threatening glare from Jun Moyin.

Everyone drew in a cold breath of air when they saw Xia Lian place that fire on the horse's leg. After a moment they saw something black fall down from the horse's leg into the bowl which is in Xia Lian's hands.

Wherever the fire came into contact with the horse's skin, a black thing fell down. Jun Moyin slowly approached to stand behind her to take a good look.. But, on seeing the creatures in that bowl even Jun Moyin felt a shiver in his spine " Blood swart leeches.."

Jun Moyin looked at Xia Lian's calm face and he felt ashamed as he was freaked out. Xia Lian moved around the horse and got up only after removing every leech from it's body..

' What blood swart leech? Any leech is weak to fire..' Xia Lian smirked as she placed the stick in the bowl burning the life out of all the leaches.

Xia Lian patted the horse on its neck " Wait for me boy, I will be back.."

Xia Lian exited the stable and crouched on the ground grinding the herbs. She squeezed the juice of the herb and carried it to the horse. Xia Lian poured the liquid slowly into the horse's ears.

After a while, small bug like things crawled out of the horse's ear. Xia Lian removed them from hurricane using a twig. She did not want to touch any of these crawling creatures..

Xia Lian wanted to know who thought of such a cunning plan.. She turned to face Jun Moyin " Is this Li Wei's horse?"

" No, it's a twin of brother's horse.."

" A pity, they harmed the wrong target.. Who had the courage to plot against the general's horse?" Xia Lian was curious.


" General, we transferred all the crates to our camp. Also, our army is guarding the border. But there are no movements from the other side." Zhuang Min briefed the situation.

Xuan Li Wei nodded as he expected that they would retreat once their plan is discovered.

" General, what should we do with all those crates?"

" Of course, we should return their gift.." Xuan Li Wei spoke while looking at the papers in his hand

" We will make a move today after nightfall.."


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