My Beautiful Commander
68 Who had such courage? 2
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My Beautiful Commander
Author :neha_
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68 Who had such courage? 2

" Erm.. General.." Zhuang Min hesitated.

"Speak.. What is it?" Xuan Li Wei looked at him.

" General, what should we do with those two scumbags?" Zhuang Min referred to the two soldiers who were almost whipped to death by Xia Lian. Zhuang Min could not forget the wretched image of those two. He felt happy in his heart as those both clearly deserved it. What surprised him the most is that it was the young girl Xia is the one who whipped them to such state.

" You know that they abducted many young girls from Xualing village. Parade them naked in that village and leave them to the villagers.. They will carry out the judgement.."

" General, may I ask young lady Xia once?"

" No need, what I told you now is her idea.."

Zhuang Min: "..." Lady Xia, you are truly terrific!

Xuan Li Wei took out a letter which is sealed by his first brother. His face immediately darkened on seeing it's contents.

" Zhuang Min, where is shadow?" Shadow is Xuan Li Wei's horse. Zhuang Min felt that something is wrong on seeing the general's expression. So, both of them immediately rushed outside of the tent only to find that shadow is happily lazing around under a tree.

Xuan Li Wei frowned and he looked at Zhuang Min " Where is hurricane?" If shadow is alright, then they must have mistaken Hurricane for shadow. That damn horse must be in a frenzy now.. Xuan Li Wei started walking in the direction of stables but stopped on seeing a figure dashing towards them..

Zhuang Min saw that it is his brother Zhuang Hua.. So, he asked " Brother, what's wrong?"

" General, something is wrong with hurricane. Young master Moyin and lady Xia are in trouble.." before he finished speaking Xuan Li Wei's figure disappeared from the place.

'Those two brats!' Xuan Li Wei gritted his teeth.

He had expected a chaotic scene, but he really did not know what to say after seeing the situation before him.

'Why is the little girl glaring at the horse?' he wondered.

" Horsey, don't follow me!" Xia Lian pointed her finger at the horse. She had taken two steps and the horse started to follow her. Whenever she stopped, the horse also stopped.

" pfft.." Xuan Li Wei and Jun Moyin laughed at the same time. Xuan Li Wei really did not expect that he would see such a comical scene as soon as he arrived.

Xia Lian felt a headache coming over her. She turned around only to find the horse rushing towards her. Before she could move backward, hurricane buried it's head in Xia Lian's neck..

Xia Lian: "..." Horsey, did you perhaps take a liking to me?

Everyone else : " pfft.."

Xia Lian felt defeated and she patted the horse's neck.. To her surprise hurricane snorted happily as it licked her neck.

" Oh god! It tickles.." Xia Lian immediately separated from this naughty horse and she looked at it's eyes " It seems that you have taken a liking to me.. This is really a problem..

" You can take this horse with you.." Xuan Li Wei spoke " It really likes you and it will surely follow you.. Also, once it recognizes it's master, it will not accept anyone except that person. So, even if you leave it here it will be of no use to anyone.."

" Alright, hurricane.." the black horse neighed on hearing her voice. Xia Lian rubbed it's head as it licked her nose in return.

" Sis Xia, you are so lucky. I truly envy you.." Jun Moyin pouted " This damned horse allowed me to touch it a few times.. I was not able to sit on it even once. But, now it is following you like a puppy..."

" It's because I am cute.." Xia Lian shamelessly boasted.

Xuan Li Wei : ".."

Jun Moyin: "..."

" Do you know who is behind this ?" Xia Lian looked at Xuan Li Wei.

" It's that Lan Chang, isn't it?" Jun Moyin spoke with a frosty expression.

"Hmm.." Xuan Li Wei nodded as he knew that he can't hide this matter.


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